How to Track an iPhone Without iCloud: 3 Potent Methods

How to Track an iPhone Without iCloud: 3 Potent Methods

If your iPhone is stolen or lost, and you cannot remember your iCloud passwords, you have no other option but to track it without iCloud. Similarly, if you need to anonymously track your children’s or spouse’s iPhone activities, you need to be able to track them without iCloud information. Read on to find out how to do it properly.

GEOfinder Mobi: Best Way to Track an iPhone Without iCloud or App

iPhone Without iCloud is an excellent tool to track an iPhone by phone number without iCloud. It works differently from other trackers; you only need to enter the phone number of the person you need to monitor. After that, GEOfinder will send an SMS with a clickable link to the target phone so that you are able to pinpoint its location without iCloud or app required.

You can customize a text message or choose one from the default variants so that the targeted person will almost definitely click on the link. Your GEOfinder account will sync their location as soon as they click on it, allowing you to track an iPhone without iCloud remotely, no matter where they are. But remember that you cannot track the target person’s location until they click the link and share their location.

To prevent spamming, the system allows users to send this location tracking text once every three hours, so double-check the cell number you enter. Another unique feature of GEOfinder is that you may select between recognized or anonymous geolocation when submitting a request.

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GEOfinder also provides basic information about the target person based on their phone number. For example, it is possible to use this to spy on the target person’s nation, state, phone number carrier, and invalid or valid status. Regardless of the carrier used, the service’s pinpoint technology will work when the number is provided, and a map-like document will be generated showing the precise location.

uMobix: Track an iPhone Without iCloud Credentials

uMobix is another software to monitor an iPhone without Apple ID and password. You must first set up this iPhone tracking app. However, you should have physical access to the target device to get the OTP sent by Apple.

It allows for real-time tracking of iOS or Android phone activity. It helps you keep track of both received and sent texts, as well as deleted SMS. Besides allowing you to track an iPhone without iCloud, uMobix can even monitor users’ chats in dating apps like Bumble and Tinder, providing greater insight into what your target is doing online.

Additionally, it is possible to use the phone’s microphone and camera to receive real-time audio and video updates on the surroundings around the device. Furthermore, the app’s excellent map lets you track your loved one’s every move and offers current location data and a history of visited locations.

With uMobix spy app, you can do more than remotely watch dialogs on a target device, such as access the user’s Facebook and Instagram accounts without requiring physical access to the target iPhone! It also allows you to take screenshots of the target phone.

However, the most useful feature of this software is that it offers you complete control over the phone, limiting potentially risky activities or inappropriate communication.

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Google Maps: Find Out iPhone Location Without iCloud

The Google Maps app offers numerous features that most people are familiar with. One of these features is instant phone tracking! If a target iPhone is already signed into a Google account, your task is half done. With the Google account credentials, you may monitor the target iPhone via Google Maps without entering iCloud account information.

It lets you use GPS, track an iPhone without iCloud or app, and be aware of the individual’s whereabouts. Since Google saves information about a person’s location, it can quickly display their current location.

Here are four simple steps to track your iPhone using Google Maps.

  1. Open the Google Maps app.
  2. Sign in to the target iPhone’s Google account.
  3. Make sure the Google Location option is turned on. Navigate to Settings and turn on Location History.
  4. Return to the homepage and select Timeline. Tap Today to view the target iPhone’s recent location history.

However, you won’t be able to track an iPhone without iCloud information if it is not connected to any Google accounts, which is more likely to happen as iPhone owners prefer Apple accounts for most features. Another disadvantage of this feature is that you cannot locate the device if it is turned off or on airplane mode. In comparison to tracking apps outlined above, the functionality is quite limited.


We hope you now have the answer to “How to track an iPhone without iCloud?” No doubt, we live in a time of constant technological advancement. As you see from this article, you don’t need iCloud to track an iPhone location, data, and activity without an app. You may easily monitor your partner’s or child’s iPhone using Google Maps or third-party software such as uMobix or



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