Trends That Are Expanding the Scope of Digital Marketing

As the digital environment engulfs the world, businesses will increasingly embrace digital marketing to stay closely connected to consumers. The COVID-19 pandemic gave a massive thrust to this trend and established the supremacy of digital marketing in helping businesses grow faster. Although online buying is nothing new, the scope of digital marketing extends much beyond it. The services sector also made huge strides by going digital, resulting in a drastic change in the attitude of consumers who now want everything at their fingertips. From food delivery to your home to hiring a cab and conducting banking transactions, everything you can now do from your home or, more precisely, your smartphone.

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This article focuses on some emerging trends in digital marketing.

Social media influencers are in great demand

Social media influencers are new breeds of marketing catalysts who contribute significantly to bolstering digital marketing campaigns by helping businesses elevate their brand position in the market. The advertising companies are making full use of social influencers who have a strong influence on their followers and consumers at large. Including social media influencers in the digital marketing strategy has been highly successful in gaining consumer confidence as they have a wider acceptance among people who believe in what third parties say about some brand or product. The meteoric rise of social influencers has been the most significant development in digital marketing.

Interactive content

Interactive content or user-generated content is finding a special place in digital marketing because these are immensely powerful in increasing interactions with potential customers. Such content dramatically increases the scope of collecting data that marketers can use to their advantage to get an edge in digital marketing. Social media marketing provides the enormous scope of using interactive content in the form of surveys, polls, and even games. The effectiveness of social media marketing is going to have a far-reaching effect in the realm of digital marketing.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The advent of Chat GPT has not only shown new ways of using Artificial Intelligence in all walks of life but especially highlights how digital marketers can make more effective use of consumer data to create a highly personalized journey for targeted customers effectively. By exploiting the power of AI, businesses can almost read the minds of consumers to connect with them most effectively. The most visible impact of AI is in the area of customer service, as businesses can now provide much superior support to customers that make them happy even if they have some bad experience. Companies can better address customer grievances by using AI that provides the most accurate data to reveal what is going on in the customer’s mind.

Video content 

As the attention span of consumers is shrinking, video content has become the most useful tool to meet consumer expectations of faster interaction with products and brands. The growing popularity of mobile devices has boosted video content, which has become the mainstay of digital marketing.

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