Types of Trail Cameras- Deer Hunting Trail Cameras


There are two types of trail cameras one is incandescent flash camera and second is infrared flash camera. Both are great at capturing pictures when set at night. But what type of trail camera to use is still a big question for many!

There are two types of trail cameras in incandescent flash camera and infrared flash camera. Let’s see these types in detail:

Flash Trail Camera

The flash camera uses incandescent bulb like normal one or one that digital camera have. So when trigger is pressed to take a picture bulb inside it lights up and camera records everything whatever is going on in front of it. Same as it, trail camera with flash bulb also works but button is not pressed. A sensor in it triggers to click a photo.

The flash trail camera has gel colour photos day/night which is a big thing, which is not in infrared trail camera. One disadvantage is that it has short battery life.

Infrared Trail Camera

One of the new type of camera is the infrared trail camera which has the ability to covert photo and that is why it is growing rapidly.

The infrared camera has heat sensors, they detect the heat an object has and they colour code the object by the infrared radiation it release.

Now the question is what are the pros and cons these trail cameras give

Flash Camera Cons

Trigger Speed is Slow, Frights Animal Away, Battery Life is Short, More Uses of Energy

Flash Camera Pros

Cheap, Provides Color Photos Day/Night, Provide Good Image Resolution and Quality

Infrared Camera Cons

Expensive, Provide Blurry Images, Image Resolution is Lower

Infrared Camera Pros

Battery Life is Long, Uses Less Energy ,It Can Take Black & White photos and Color Photos in Daytime only!

Which Trail Cameras Are Best?

Trail cameras aren’t only for hunters; they’re for everyone who enjoys wildlife. There are so many trail cameras on the market right now that deciding which one is ideal for you is challenging. To choose the best motion sensor camera, read trail camera reviews. These reviews will help you to determine which camera is ideal for money you want to spend and features you desires. The cost of gaming camera can range from around $100 to $300. Most camera in all price ranges will do the job, all you have to do is pick which features are important to you.

Please see our game camera reviews if you are interested in purchasing trail cameras.

What to look for when purchasing a trail camera?

Choosing a ideal trail camera is a difficult undertaking. A trail camera might have a lot of different features that you may or may not desire. This page will attempt to explain number of various characteristics  present on trail cameras.

You should be able to pick what you want your camera to do with this information, as well as what you don’t need to pay more for.

One of the crucial features of trail camera is its ability to take photographs at night. The majority of trail cameras come with decent flash setup. Even so you may want to spend bit extra money to have greater flash. I’d recommend at least forty-yard flash. Also, if you plan on using camera mostly for night photography an infrared option could be good choice.

Trail cameras accessories to make your experience better

Whether you’ve had your trail cameras for years or just got your first one, you might want to think about some additions that will make it easier to operate or more effective. Security casings, mounting brackets, drop tines for attaching, solar panels for charging batteries.

Security encloses for scouting cameras are available from number of vendors. The trophy cam case from Bushnell is build to protest your camera from the game you’re capturing it comes with a keyed padlock and may be attached to the tree with lag screw or a master python lock. The Bushnell tree bracket which screws onto any tree, may also be used with this case. The bracket 14-20 thread section may then be screwed onto the trophy cam camera bottom. Mounting flexibility is provided via an adjustable head.

For installing your cameras Do-All Traps offers both single and double tine. It has sturdy solid base thanks to its lightweight, high strength steel shaft. The tree limbs are gribbed by adjustable clamp footer which provide excellent stability. The 360 degree rotation of mount provides for fully customizable field of vision. The height may be adjustable from 34”-54” above the ground keeping it out of way and safe from animal disturbance while allowing you to capture overhead photos.

Some panels are available from some manufacturers to ensure that your trail camera has a constant supply of electricity. They are useful in situations when replacing batteries is difficult and they do not overcharge your battery. However most cameras have used D-cell batteries which are quite affordable therefore chargers will work with these models.

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