Ways On How Video Subtitles Can Help Your Viewers

Ways On How Video Subtitles Can Help Your Viewers

Putting text on videos is now a vital part of producing video content. All streaming platforms have had them for several years, giving viewers an option to watch content with them appearing on-screen. They’re called subtitles, and they indeed play a key yet underrated role in watching different video content.

Although the option to turn subtitles on is on every streaming platform you can find today; not everyone is big on using them. Thus, the option to enable and disable for viewers who don’t want to watch with them. But the fact that they’re there means they serve a purpose.

However, not everyone is aware of the benefits of video subtitling. They go beyond showing the discourse or exchange of words in video content. If you’re a video content producer, here are ways video subtitles can help your viewers.

They help understand accents and other speech sounds

Subtitles help a lot when watching foreign videos. Foreign producers and productions put subtitles on their videos to localize them. If you aim to reach a global audience with your videos, subtitles are an effective way to do it.

Subtitles help your viewers understand foreign accents better. Some of your viewers may not understand foreign accents clearly, so putting subtitles on your video can help them. Reading them will aid in following the flow of your video without having viewers pause and rewind or watch it again if they’re watching in real-time.

Subtitles will save your viewers from the trouble they’ll have to go through with foreign accents. However, while dubbing is also a viable option, subtitle providers like Lexcode are better if you’re looking for a more efficient and affordable way to localize your videos.

They provide better insight for viewers with learning incapacities

Subtitles extend the accessibility of your videos beyond the language barrier. It also allows viewers with learning incapacities like people who are hard of hearing and deaf to watch your product. They make them easier to follow for those viewers, thus expanding your audience.

Besides words, subtitles also provide those viewers descriptions of the sounds in videos. You’ll see it on most streaming platforms, where subtitles indicate the sounds used in shows and movies. Subtitles include that for hard of hearing and deaf viewers to help them feel and understand what they’re watching.

For additional support, streaming platforms also have the option to make subtitles appear on screen faster or slower on their video players. Video smartphone apps also have this feature, which helps viewers with learning incapacities to follow video content at their own pace.

They’re helpful when watching videos in sound-sensitive environments

Subtitles also make videos watchable almost anywhere, even in sound-sensitive surroundings. So even when your audience doesn’t have earphones at places where they can’t watch your video at a decent volume, they can still do so by enabling subtitles. Likewise, watching in lower volumes won’t be a problem because they’ll still be able to comprehend your video by turning on subtitles.

They help in improving language skills

Subtitles can also improve the language skills of your viewers. Language teachers and learners also use videos to gain more knowledge in language. It can boost people’s proficiency and understanding to learn other languages.

Not every learner finds written educational materials the most appealing way to study. So using visual, moving pictures is also an approach teachers can use to motivate their students. For language learning, videos with subtitles can be more engaging or even more effective.

Final word

Adding subtitles to your videos can do much more than providing viewers with another way to follow your product. It can enhance their viewing experience and even improve their knowledge. Make your videos more appealing and accessible by adding accurate subtitles.

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Angelo Castelda is a freelance writer from Asia. Besides writing, he also spends his time traveling and learning about diverse cultures and languages, which opened his heart more to learning and imparting knowledge about language translation.


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