Welcome to a New Look of CUSTOM PUZZLE

Welcome to a New Look of CUSTOM PUZZLE

Are you looking for a fun winter activity where you can stay indoors and spend time with your loved ones? For that, you are at the right place. What can be more fulfilling than solving custom puzzles with your whole family participating? 

Well, jigsaw puzzles in Australia have come a long way – you don’t have to solve puzzles of natural scenery or flowers. Instead, you can pick a memorable photo of yourself and your loved ones and convert it into a jigsaw puzzle! Sounds interesting. Personalised puzzles are the new trend, and you won’t regret your decision once you get one for yourself. 

However, as we never stop improving ourselves, then why not the puzzles? The point is that you can also make some little tweaks to your personalised gifts and make them even more fun, engaging, and satisfactory. Want to know how? Keep on reading. 

Change the way how your custom puzzle looks:

If you select a photo for a custom puzzle, make sure that it follows some basic parameters.

  1. Choose a meaningful photo – 

The photo you choose has to be the most important thing about your custom puzzle. We all have certain memories and moments that we want to share and cherish forever. We surely have something different to share, from birthdays and marriage anniversaries to gathering and traveling. 

Sharing becomes more fun when it comes in a different medium, and in this case, a custom puzzle ticks all the right boxes. The photo must bring some meaning to the receiver, and if you’re planning to have it for your own, make sure that it brings something more to the table. 

  1. Photo composition – 
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Want to change how your custom puzzle looks? Then make photo composition a priority. But what does that mean? Composition means the things that photos generally come with – people, nature, and objects. Further, it means the number of people, where they are placed in that photo, the number of objects, alignment, focus on the subject, etc. 

The objective of composition is to make your photos look symmetrical, contrasting, and gorgeous. So, if you see your photo is clicked sideways, or if there is too much noise and lack of contrast, or if it is not well-lit, then make the changes and edits and send it to print. 

  1. Photo resolution – 

It is no wonder that high-quality images always look better. We are always taking high-quality photos of things ourselves, so why not for puzzles? Printing a good-quality picture for your puzzle can improve its looks by leaps and bounds. 

Higher-resolution helps hide the imperfections and pixel cracks, making the overall product look more engaging. It is always better to solve a jigsaw puzzle and get rewarded with a stunning picture. It heightens the feeling of accomplishment and makes you feel awesome. 

  1. Using more elements – 

You can always add things to your picture to make it unique and personal. Think about emojis, little stickers, and personal messages – they all help your photo connect with the audience more. The same goes for custom puzzle photos. After selecting the photo, you may add small messages dedicated to the people in the photo or attach stickers to signify some special event, such as a birthday or a wedding. 

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These little things always make the solving part fun and help secure a tighter bond between the participants. Moreover, it provides you with more things to talk to and gossip about! With that, you can also create the puzzle so that upon solving it, it shows a secret message or advice, which helps create a lasting bond between loved ones. 

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Final words

Choosing the perfect photo and customising it to look at its best may be confusing, but following the tips above will make your job a ride to the park. Picture puzzles are not just photos. They are emotions. Enjoy uploading your images!


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