What are Softphones? And why use it for your Business Calls?

What are Softphones? And why use it for your Business Calls?

The benefits of switching over to softphones from legacy telephony are more and more evident. Softphones are the next stage in telecommunication protocols, an ideal upgrade, and imperative for businesses to adapt.  Installing softphones immediately upgrades your telephony to meet the needs of a growing business.

Other advantages include enhanced call quality, greater versatility, and, most importantly, significant versatility. The calls made through online data packets are considerably cheaper even when you have extensive overseas communication requirements. That said, legacy telephony is far from being obsolete and is still used by a large number of businesses.

On the other hand, softphones are a rapidly growing technology. According to the latest data, the global market share for softphones is projected to reach USD 194.5 Billion by the end of 2024. An ideal telecom service provider will furnish both options and let companies decide for themselves. Just to help you out, here are the benefits of softphones over traditional legacy telephony.


Using softphones is a highly affordable option. The cost of a voice-over IP protocol for long-distance calls depends on the package you pay for. Most packages allow unlimited calling to destinations such as the US or Canada. If the other party is using the same softphones connection, the calls are typically free of cost.

Unified Communications 

You have the benefits of unified communications with softphones telephony. Interact with each other in video calls, conferences, and engage in easy file sharing across telephone networks. By using business phones, you can manage enhanced communication requirements from a single device.

Advanced Features 

Softphone telephony offers several advanced features designed to make your communications better. These include call hold, call forwarding, voicemail, and Do Not Disturb features. Other features are call routing, business text messaging, call recording, call screening, and Find me/Follow me. It also allows speed dial, three-way calling, toll-free numbers, and caller ID. With so many features, you can maximize your productivity using a softphones phone.


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Softphones offer optimum scalability as per the growing needs of your business. First of all, wireless softphones mean that you can free up physical space in your office. With softphones, you do not need to have a dedicated call center for routing calls as it is automatically done in the cloud. It also allows mobility, and employees can travel with their Panasonic softphones handsets anywhere they want. There is even a Panasonic softphones app that allows you to use your smartphone to work as a softphones phone.


Softphone telephony works by the transmission of calls through encrypted data networks, making them highly secure options. You can be assured about maintaining the confidentiality of your company using softphones.

Softphones and Business Communication

The importance of phones in the modern days is nothing to discuss again. We all know how it can help us in terrible situations and keep in contact with others in an easy and fast manner.

The use of phones is increasing among people, and the phone bills come accordingly. If you are fed up with a high amount to pay for your landline every month, then this is the time to replace it with a modern device called softphones and largely available across various parts of the world. People are becoming satisfied by using this device to contact others at a cheap rate.

Benefits of using softphones

Apart from cutting off your phone bill every month, you can be beneficial for this device in many other ways.

  • You can keep your existing number for making calls and receiving incoming calls as well. If you want, you can change your number as well.
  • There are some attractive packages available at this connection, and you can select any of these packages to make your calls free in Canada and US.
  • Advanced features are there in this new connection to handle your phone calls in an easy and fast manner. These features are easy to understand and access for beginners as well. These features can control and manage your outgoing and incoming calls easier.
  • The customer service of the connection is very impressive. The guiders are always there to help you get a good suggestion while choosing a package or if you face any problem regarding the connection.
  • You can go through the reviews of this connection to get an idea about its services and facilities. The reviews and ratings on this service are good enough, which can be a good reason for you to get this connection.
  • You can return the adopter of the connection if you don’t get satisfactory service from it. The limitation of returning this connection is 30 days from buying it. You can get the full investment back.
  • This connection is undoubtedly cost-effective. You can save your phone bill at a huge amount and make the calls to the US and Canada free of cost, which is beneficial and insists you talk over the phone unlimitedly.
  • The delivery of the modem of this connection is fast, and the calls are very clear to the users. The connection can help you to get uninterrupted phone calls throughout the months.
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Without a phone, you may not spend your days in the modern world. But if you want to save money even after fully using your phone, nothing can be a better idea than this service of the softphones. This current service can understand the demand and the requirements of the buyers and serve them accordingly. This modern device does not only help to save money but also can give you a good experience while using it.

Author Bio:  Prashant Pujara, CEO of MultiQoS, a web and mobile app development company that provides development services to startups and enterprise-level companies. He has more than ten years of experience in mobile app development for all platforms, including iOS and Android.

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