What are the benefits from data cleansing?

What are the benefits from data cleansing?

Data cleansing ensures that the actual information about your business is consistent, accurate and high-quality. Although this process can seem difficult at first, it’ll be worth it in the long term. Below you’ll discover what are the most important benefits!

Better decision making

In any company, customer data is a key foundation for effective decision making. On the other hand, an established B2B business might have up to 35% data decays/year. This alarming rate shows how important it is to prioritize cleansing for better analytics. With clean data, you will understand your current position and how to make better decisions for business growth in the long-term.

Efficiency of customers acquisition

Clean data helps you identify high-value prospects and their online behavior. By doing that, you’ll understand how to personalize your marketing messages and reach a similar audience much faster. Would you like to have a positive impact and a higher response rate on people that interact with your brand? Multi-channel customer data provides great opportunities, as long as the information is updated and accurate.

Increased productivity

With a well-structured database in place, companies experience a higher productivity among team members. This happens because nobody is forced to deal with redundant information. Instead, employees work directly with the right data and spend more time doing their job. Cleansing might as well prevent the staff from contacting customers with invalid information, reducing the risk of fraud at the same time.

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Streamline business practices

To streamline your business operations you must eliminate duplicate information and work with reliable sales data. This way you can evaluate the performance of products and services. Data cleansing is essential when you’re planning on doing new launches to create a good first impression. It also matters when your initial campaigns fail, because you can look at old responses and execute a better strategy.

Saving more money

Imagine how it would be to send a physical product to a customer, only to find out later the saved address from the database is incorrect. If this happens multiple times, you’ll waste a lot of money. With an up-to-date list of clients, you’ll remove incorrect details and will prevent the same scenario. Besides, it’s possible to save money on the email marketing software and other apps. There’s nothing worse than paying for lots of inactive subscribers. Having accurate data can drastically increase the open rates and will represent a key business asset.

Minimize compliance risks

Nowadays, GDPR is more important than ever. Regular cleansing helps companies keep tabs of customers’ permissions and guarantee you don’t contact the wrong people. With less compliance risks, you minimize the fines associated with breaching GDPR and other legislation.

How difficult is data cleansing?

As you can see, the cleansing of data offers numerous benefits to any brand. This process can be done regularly, since it can be automated easily. With https://boardana.com/data-cleansing/ software you get better data insight and a full management solution that will help you grow your company’s revenue.

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