What Does a Background Check Include? (2021 Updated)

What Does a Background Check Include? (2021 Updated)

Performing a background check is crucial these days. It helps you know everything about the person you interact with. Also, you can use this service in any hiring process- home tutor, babysitting, or business employee.

Thus, you must be aware of the things that you can get from a background check – do this background checks myths quiz if unsure. A lot of people are unaware of the proper meaning of background and what they can get from it. A lot of people are unaware of the proper meaning of background and what they can get from it.

In this article, we will share everything about background checks and what it includes. So, let’s begin with the meaning of background checks.

What is Background Check Feature?

A background check is a process that gives you proper insights into a person’s life to know them better. It is usually conducted by organizations to check if the information provided by the person is authentic. Additionally, it helps in checking the criminal records of a person as well.

Thus, it is very important to perform a background bpss check on strangers. However, you need a proper platform to conduct an online background check. These platforms offer public information and share a reliable report to read the details easily.

We recommend using CocoFinder for all your background checks. Here is everything you need to know about it.

CocoFinder: The Best Platform to Conduct Background Check

Best Platform to Conduct Background Check

CocoFinder is one of the leading platforms to provide access to someone’s public information. It will help you conduct a background check on any person you want. This application works as a search engine that finds information from billions of sources.

After that, it creates a report so that you do not need to go through all the sources separately. The best part is- this service is free to use and does not require any type of registration or subscription. Hence, you can enjoy unlimited access without worrying about your privacy anymore.

You can find many other services on this platform. It includes people search, white pages, phone lookup, and much more. Additionally, the background check timeline by CocoFinder is only a few minutes.

What Does a Background  Check Include?

Here is everything that you can get from a background check:

SSN: You can check the SSN of a person to know the address history of the person. It also helps in getting some other public information of an individual.

Criminal records: You can check the criminal records of a person. It includes everything from registering the crime to court sessions. Thus, it provides a complete overview of a person’s criminal activities, if any.

Note- There is a separate section for criminal records so that you can analyze every detail carefully. It works as a mini-check for all kinds of criminal activities and sex offenses.

Civil Records: You can check the complete civil records of a person through a background check.

Educational Documents: If you are performing a check for the hiring process, you can get access to someone’s education history and qualifications. However, please read the privacy policy of this platform before getting this information.

Employment history: It also includes the employment history of a person. You can get every detail from their previous jobs and use it to analyze their performance or behavior.

There’s much more in a background check that you can access. All you need to do is perform a background check on anyone and get the updated record.

Easy Way to Perform a Background Check

As we mentioned earlier, you can use CocoFinder to do it conveniently. You are only three steps away from a deep background check on anyone you want.

Step1: Visit its website and click on the background check option from the page. It will redirect you to the dedicated service page so that you can continue your process.

Step2: Enter the first name, last name, and city to continue your search. Verify the details and click on the search button. It may take a few seconds to search for the profile and to create its report.

Step3: Open the report and find all the data related to the person’s public information. However, you can use that report for legal purposes only if your business is registered under Fair Crediting Reporting Act (FCRA).

Advantages of Performing a Background Check

A few years back, background checks were considered as an office chore. However, everyone is concerned with background checks. It is because they allow you to know the history of a person you interact with or live with.

There are many advantages to performing a background check. Here are some of them:

Keeps Your Loved Ones Protected

The main motive of a background check is to keep your loved ones safe. You can do a check on your kid’s tutor, babysitter, or other people they interact with. Additionally, you can do a check on your neighbors and people who think can have a criminal record.

That way, you can keep your loved ones protected from all types of criminal activities.

Helps in Creating a Safe Environment for Business

A background check is a crucial part of the hiring process. It helps employers to choose the right person for the job. They can find out about the applicant’s educational background. Also, they can find out if the person has some sort of criminal record.

After that, they analyze if it is right to hire that person or not.

Helps in Choosing Your Partner

If you are going out with a person and want to know about their background, you can use this service. It helps you check their criminal records to make sure you do not end up with the wrong person. Thus, it makes great sense for people to use these services.

Final Words

You can find different types of background checks on online platforms. Some platforms offer only educational background checks while some provide a complete check to everything about a person. CocoFinder is one such platform that provides a complete report for all your employees.

The process is quite simple and does not require much time. The report is divided into different sections to help you out. Hence, you can easily know what does a background check include through a report.

We suggest conducting a check on your profile to know whether the platform is right for you or not.


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