Do you know about the different graphic design tools that are used in social media by different people to create posters and collages? If the answer is a yes, then it is too good but for people who do not know about the tools, we can help them out.

These graphic designing tools help you to create a very nice representation and help you to depict the theme of your interest in a graphical way and thus make it more attractive.

To the professionals who have graphic designing as their profession, these tools can help them out by generating very attractive posters and collages. When they are uploaded on the social media pages they help in gaining the attention and views of many people and thus popularise the creator.

In the case of any kind of business, some good posters and good representation can increase marketing and in turn help in the growth of the business.

So here are some of the tools and their use, so that you can get a clear idea of how the tools are used:

  • WE HAVE PABLO: It is the tool that is developed by the app buffer and also has a number of features that can make the viewers attracted to our posters. It also helps us to create posters and then share them immediately or n=scheduling a time so that we can share them later.
  • You can upload your own images or maybe something that is provided by the tool. It also provides us with a text editor layout and also a company logo. It provides us with the layouts that are optimised for apps like Pinterest and many more
  • THEN WE HAVE PICMONKEY: There is a library of stock images and it also provides every user with a variety of textures, typefaces , usual borders and also some methods of graphic enhancement
  • This helps us to share the images from the tool directly to apps like Pinterest and many others like this. There is something that we all should know about the app and that is-this app is not a free one but it provides a free trial of 6 days before starting with the paid package If a viewer like whatever he sees then the person has to pay an amount of $6 per month
  • AFTER THAT, WE HAVE STENCIL: Do you want to create very quick social media images? Then let me tell you that stencil is the best app and can’t be beaten in case of the development of quick social media images. This tool is mainly designed for speed and it is completely loaded. Now the question arises: how is it loaded? Then the answer to this is: it is loaded with more than 1000 templates, nearly four million stock images, more than 3000 google web fonts and more than two million graphics as well as icons If all of this is not enough for you then you can always upload your own media but let me inform you one thing that the free account or version is limited that is you can only create a group of ten images in a month. You can always upgrade to a version that is paid so as to come in contact with the different other features.
  • WE ALSO HAVE DESIGN WIZARD:This graphic design tool is a comprehensive one and it helps you to create images and different graphic designs just in a few seconds

It has a million images and a thousand templates for the people to choose from and so everybody can find out something they like from this collection This graphic design tool also has some of unique features like it has a magic button that helps the person to change the size of the image just with a single click This absolutely means that a person can edit and create at the same time This graphic designing tool also integrates with different platforms like the HubSpot, then intercom and buffer We can use this tool for creative web and graphic design company absolutely free but the paid version will provide you with much more than what is there in the unpaid one

For attracting the audience, it takes something more than just a pretty picture and so we all need to use these apps or tools to make some attractive images or posters so as to attract the viewers

The tools that are talked about in the above paragraphs have more or less covered all the technical points of view and help in creating attractive images

These tools can help us create but the potential to create something that instantly goes viral totally depends on us-it depends on our level of creativity and ingenuity

The posters that are made by the tools of graphic designing are the constituents for the visual marketing on the social media platforms that help in bringing new visitors to the website and thus increase the number of followers

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