What To Look For To Find The Best Free Resume Templates

What To Look For To Find The Best Free Resume Templates

Building a resume from is not easy, but building it from scratch?

Nearly impossible.

You got to order everything correctly, put in the right information in the right order, pick the correct font sizes and make everything look aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching.

Talk about a week’s worth of work!

Luckily, there are some great free resume templates out there to minimise the amount of work needed to create a stellar resume and make your life easier.

But which resume template should you use? There are so many!

To ensure you find the right ones, here are some aspects you should look at when searching for the best free resume templates.

Are The Resume Templates Easy To Edit?

Some resume templates look nice, but are overly complicated, making them difficult to edit.

What will happen is the format is so restrictive because there is so much going on, that when you try to add your own information, change the order/re-organize, the template will lose its form.

Sentences will break at weird places or run off the edges, and you’ll get a headache just trying to format everything.

So if you find yourself having a tough time editing a resume template, you’re better off trying a different one.

Is The Resume Template Simple?

Obviously, you want your resume to look nice and stand out. If it’s a jumbled mess, an employer isn’t going to waste their time reading your resume.

But you also want it to be simple and easy to read.

Sure, a resume template with a ton of colours and graphics may look nice at first, but it could end up being a distraction from what’s actually important: the information that proves you’re the choice for the job.

Meaning if the resume looks like a page out of a comic book, try to find one that is a little simpler but still aesthetically pleasing.

What’s The Download Process Like?

Eventually, you’re going to want to download the resume template, either as a Word or Google doc so you can edit it, or a pdf if you edit it directly on a site.

It should be a simple process. Click download and then you’ll have it on your computer.

Some online resume templates make it a bit more complicated.

They’ll let you edit a resume template for free, but then charge you to download it.

Annoying isn’t it? Because then you’re in that position of, “Do I let all of that time go to waste and find a different template? Or bite the bullet and spend money on something I thought was free?”

If you can, check to see what the download process is like for a resume template builder before you start editing it.


Hopefully, the above tips will help you find the best free resume template available on the internet.

Because in the job application process, there are so many things to stress about, it’d be nice if building your resume wasn’t one of them!

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