Who Uses Video Interviewing Software?

Who Uses Video Interviewing Software?

Video interviewing platforms are becoming increasingly popular in the recruiting world. They’re used by recruiters, hiring managers and human resources professionals to conduct interviews, screen candidates and make hiring decisions.

video hiring platform can allow you to communicate with candidates over video chats instead of phone calls or in-person interviews—but how do these tools fit into the recruiting process? And who uses video interviewing software? Here are the different roles that use video interview software; they are as follows:


Recruiters are the most common users of video interviewing software. They use it to screen candidates who are not local and not available at a specific time.

Hiring Managers:

Hiring managers benefit from a video hiring platform in several ways. First, they can use the software to screen candidates remotely. Secondly, hiring managers can use this technology to conduct remote interviews with prospective employees who live far away from their offices and wouldn’t otherwise be able to make it in person.

Human Resources:

Human resources (HR) is responsible for developing and implementing hiring processes. They also ensure that the company complies with employment laws, manages employee training and development, handles employee relations and benefits issues, oversees payroll functions and ensures compliance with labor regulations.

Many companies use video interviewing software as part of their recruitment process because it allows them to quickly identify candidates with the skills they’re looking for. Video interviews are also an excellent way for employers to reduce bias in their hiring decisions by eliminating visual cues such as race or gender from the equation.

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Talent Acquisition:

Talent acquisition is the process of hiring new employees. The Talent Acquisition team is responsible for sourcing, recruiting and hiring candidates so they can be placed in jobs as quickly as possible. So, video interview platforms are a great benefit to make their work easier.

Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO):

Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) are the leaders of human resources departments. They are responsible for finding and hiring top candidates for positions within their company. Many CHROs use video interviewing software to make their hiring process faster, easier and more effective. By using this software, they can fill hard-to-fill positions quickly without having to compromise on quality.

Chief People Officers (CPO):

Chief People Officers (CPOs) are the leaders of human resources. They’re responsible for managing all aspects of a company’s employee-related activities, including hiring and firing. In addition, they often oversee training programs, benefits packages and compensation structures.

As you can imagine, CPOs only sometimes conduct video interviews with candidates who have already been pre-screened by recruiters or other HR staff members. Video interviewing software allows these CPOs to interview job candidates from anywhere in the world—allowing them to meet with more candidates than ever before

Directors Of Talent Acquisition (DTA):

  • DTA is a role in the HR department. They’re typically responsible for managing the recruitment process, including sourcing candidates, conducting interviews and assessments, and making hiring decisions.
  • DTA is also responsible for the overall hiring strategy across their organization—they’ll know how many people they need to hire each year, where those roles are located (or not), what skills they’re looking for in new hires, etc. Some DTA will also handle onboarding training programs and offer advice on best practices around training new talent internally.
  • Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, a talent acquisition director can be considered “the head of recruiting” because they oversee all aspects of recruiting at an organization: hiring managers/directors, recruiters, career site management (including web-based platforms like Taleo); job boards (such as LinkedIn).
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This article helps you to understand why video interviewing is the preferred method for many recruiters, hiring managers, and human resources professionals.



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