Why Having Highlight No Follow Is Crucial For Websites

Why Having Highlight No Follow Is Crucial For Websites

If you are into SEO, content writing, web designing or social media campaigning you must have come across the term “Highlight No Follow”. Some of you might be aware about the importance of these no-follow links but others might have no clue. These are basically hyperlinked with a rel=”nofollow” tag.

These links are not new; they have been around since past 14 -15 years. Though these links do not affect the search engine ranking of the specified website; but it is essential to know when you should use them and when not if you want your website to perform well in search engines.

“Follow links” and “nofollow links” appear to be same to a common web user but the html codes of both these links are different and they have huge impact on your website performance. Although, Google doesn’t crawl these nofollow links but they are essential for your audience.

Here Are Several Benefits Of Using Highlight No Follow Links

No Follow Links Build Trust Between You And Google

Google might not crawl highlight no follow links but it still gets information from their anchor text. It tells the google about the content of the site and gives your website some boost. These links allow google to treat your backlinks as natural links and give you credit for the same.

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No Follow Links Play Role In Building Awareness

Link building is all about building and spreading awareness about your brand. Links are like a bridge between consumers and products. They help in boosting traffic and they are crucial in building brand awareness. It is because brand awareness can only be obtained from those links that are seen and clicked by consumers and just not searched by engines.


It Is Best To Have Highlight No Follow Link Than Having No Link

These links are key to connect with your target consumers or users. If your no follow link leads a consumer from a reputable website that has large user base, then these links are extremely beneficial. It can help you attain your business goal faster and can determine your success or failure as well. These links act as brand awareness, brand exposure and source of traffic for your site, and they help in building the bond between you and your users. Thus, it is best to have a no follow link then not having any link at all.

They Increase Traffic

One of the main goals of SEO activity is to increase the traffic on the website. These links can help you generate traffic without affecting your SEO and there is nothing wrong in it. It is because for Google, user experience is more important and these links thus can be much more essential than follow links as they impact user experience.


It Is Not Just Google Using Your No Follow Links There Are Other Metrics As Well

Metrics like Alexa and other unofficial SEO metrics also use these links and can help you in ranking. If you want to make an effective use of the unofficial SEO metrics, then you must use these no follow links.

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These were some of the essential benefits of using Highlight No Follow links. These links can drive traffic to your website. These links lead the user to followed links and have direct impact on the traffic of the website. Thus, having a no follow link is always better than having only follow links or having no links at all. Sometimes having only follow links can become problem for you. Thus, when it comes to SEO these links play an important role. So, next time when you think of building or modifying your website, don’t forget to add no follow links on your website or blog.

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