Why it is important to Write SEO Optimized Title and Description

Why it is important to Write SEO Optimized Title and Description

To master SEO, you have to follow the word and character limits. Especially when it comes to writing meta titles and descriptions, you can’t cross the limits.

The length of your seo title tags and meta description is of great significance for ranking your posts higher in Google and other search engines. If you want to perform well in terms of search engine optimization, then you have to develop a good understanding of such concepts.

Being one of the most prominent SEO plugins for WordPress, Yoast checks each post’s text length and makes recommendations whenever you go beyond the specified limits. You will see points highlighted in red that needs to be corrected.

The best practice is to keep an eye out for the length of meta titles and descriptions. You can use a free character counter to keep track of the total number of words and characters.

Word count does matter in a number of on-page SEO factors and effects in both ways as positive and negative.

SEO experts recommend using a concise number of words and characters while writing meta descriptions

SEO Optimized Title

Title optimization is one of the most important aspects of SEO. It can help your title to be more effective and findable by search engines. By being well optimized, you can ensure that your title is found by search engines and deemed the vital title on your website.

Title optimization is all about ensuring that your title is relevant to the search results. It should be a regular part of your SEO strategy to make sure that your posts are seen in the top search results.

Titles that are optimized will show up in search engine results pages (SERPs) at a higher rate than un-optimized titles. There are a few different things that you can do to optimize your title.

You can try to make your title as clear and concise as possible while still providing enough information to understand it. You can also try to make your title look nice and clear while still being interesting and keyword-rich.

The best way to get inspiration for writing SEO optimized titles is to look at competitor websites that are doing well in search engine optimization. For instance, you have a blog about health topics. There are many prominent health blogs that you can follow to learn SEO tactics. See how they are ranking well for specific keywords. Then, follow their footsteps to make your blog appear in top SERPs.

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Google keeps working on its search algorithms to provide internet users with the optimum results. Whenever a user searches for a specific term, Google shows the most relevant results on top.

It means you can make your website appear in top results if you put yourself in searcher’s shoes and include keywords that matter the most. That’s the reason why title tags have immense significance in terms of SEO.

SEO Optimized Description

The second thing that appears in SERPs next to the meta title is the meta description. It plays a massive role in the Search Engine Optimization of a website.

If you want to rank better, you have to focus on writing the perfect meta description for your website.

In search engine result pages, the text that appears at the top is a meta title. The next thing that appears under the title is the page URL. The third descriptive text that appears under the URL is the meta description.

According to SEO experts, an ideal meta description should be the best summary of your blog post or webpage. It should include information about what’s mentioned or discussed on that particular page.

If you want the maximum number of clicks and visitors to your website, then you have to create compelling meta descriptions. It can play a big role in improving the overall click-through rate or CTR.

Important tips for writing SEO optimized Meta Title and Description


Make sure your blog or website does not have duplicate title tags. Conduct in-depth analysis to confirm that each page has a unique title. If you find duplicate ones, remove them and write fresh content.

A good title should be the best summary of a specific webpage. It should tell search engines and users what the page is all about.

The same rule applies to meta descriptions. Make sure you write a unique description for each of the web pages of your website.

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Clarity is an important aspect that you should not overlook while writing meta titles and descriptions for your blog. Make sure they are not confusing.

Make them sound accurate and clear without writing anything that looks redundant. Don’t rush to complete; take your time to think and write the most effective text you can.

Consider the right length

As mentioned earlier, an SEO-optimized title and description should be within the specified character limits.

Generally, Google and other important search engines show only up to 60 characters of a title in search results. Try making your title no more than 50 characters because the excess characters are likely to be truncated.

Likewise, the prescribed character limit for a meta description is up to 160 characters. Therefore, you should try to keep the text within that particular limit.

Try including the keywords and descriptive words at the beginning. It is ideal for placing your main keywords at the start so that they can be visible to both search engines and users.

Stop overdoing keyword optimization. It means do not include your main keyword more than once in your title and description. However, it is allowed to use supporting or secondary keywords.

It shouldn’t be contradictory to page content

The meta title and description should not go against the content of the webpage. It should portray what’s discussed or explained on the page.

Take a look at the page’s content before you write the best possible meta title. This will help you create text that’s not against the overall content.

Keep them brief and powerful

A good title and description do not have to be too long. It is ideal for keeping them short and powerful. Choosing the right words can help make these on-page SEO factors strong enough to draw visitors’ attention.

You may have seen examples where a title gets the maximum number of clicks even when no main keyword is used in it. This happens when such tags are written using a strong voice.

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