10 Beginner Project Management Books

10 Beginner Project Management Books

Project Management Professionals (PMPs) have become a fundamental part of the operations department of any organisation in the world. Overseeing a project’s progress from beginning to end while ensuring that the client’s expectations are satisfied, the need for Project Management Professionals has increased significantly in the corporate world. 

Nearly 82% of organisations worldwide employ a Project Management Professional, which will rise to nearly 88% within 2027. The need for Project Management is more than ever, so start exploring this dynamic niche by reading this blog on 10 Beginner Project Management Books! A PMP Certification can help you become a better professional in this field.   

PMP – An Overview 

PMP stands for Project Management Professional, a globally recognised certification for project managers. The PMP certification is awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI), a professional organisation that promotes the best practices in project management.   

To earn the PMP certification, aspirants must meet the academic and experience-based requirements and pass a rigorous exam that extensively tests their Project Management knowledge. The PMP examination covers a wide range of topics, including Project planning, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure. 

PMP Jobs Around the World  

Once you have gained the prestigious PMP Certification, here are some job roles you can apply for:  

  1. Project Co-Ordinator: The primary duties of a Project Co-Ordinator are to monitor the project status and the performance of the organisation regarding the project.  
  2. Project Manager Consultant: Project Manager Consultants collaborate with others in PMP roles in different organisations to design solutions to any existing problem or ease the current process in the particular organisation.  
  3. Project Director: Project Directors are the tip of the PMP pyramid, meaning they supervise all current projects undertaken by the company. They are also fully aware of current and upcoming projects and oversee them to completion.
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10 Beginner Project Management Books  

Here is a compiled list of 10 Beginner Project Management Books to get you started off. We have divided the books into three broad categories – Essentials, Reference, and Sample Questions/Exam Simulators:

PMI Essentials:  

  1. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide): The PMBOK Guide is considered the gold standard for Project Management Methodology and is the primary resource for the PMP examination. This book provides a comprehensive overview of Project Management Processes, Procedures and Terminology. 
  2. The Standard for Project Management: The Standard for Project Management accompanies the PMBOK Guide, issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It extensively covers the 12 main principles of Project Management and will help apply Project Management effectively.   
  3. PMI Standards+: The PMI Standards+ is an e-resource that you can access via the PMI website. It gives you an understanding of the processes, tools and techniques of Project Management for the examination.  
  4. PMI Code of Ethics: The PMI Code of Ethics gives you an understanding of the right things to do in tricky situations and principles to adhere to as a PMP professional. 

Reference Books: 

  1. Rita Mulcahy: Rita Mulcahy’s book is considered one of the best study resources for the PMP exam. It provides a practical approach to understanding the PMBOK Guide Concepts and passing the examination. 
  2. Andy Crowe: Andy Crowe’s reference book is a comprehensive guide to the PMP certification process, providing an overview of the PMBOK Guide, exam prep strategies and a detailed review of PMP processes.   
  3. Andrew Ramdayal: This book provides a simplified approach to the PMBOK Guide, focusing on concepts about the examination with practical tips.   
  4. Jennifer Greene and Andrew Stellman: Using graphics and real-life examples, the authors summaries the PMBOK Guide in a fun and engaging manner while covering all key concepts.  
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Sample Questions/Exam Simulators:  

  • Oliver Lehman: Upon completing the PMP exam preparation, the Oliver Lehman series of 100/180 question banks will help judge your preparedness. Experts say that getting a 70% in any two sets means you are ready to take the PMP exam. 
  • PMP Mock Test: As is proved time and again, mock tests are the best way to judge your readiness to take the PMP exam. Multiple free mock tests can be taken up online and offline.  


The PMP Certification is highly valued in the project management profession as it demonstrates to organisations that qualified individuals are ready to step into the complicated world of Project Management. If you are new to project management or wish to improve your skills. We are aware that choosing the best PMP Study Materials to obtain thorough information for the Project Management Professional exam can be confusing for you. Therefore, in order to become a project management professional, you must possess all the abilities and knowledge required. These 10 Beginner Project Management Books will be very helpful in your endeavour.


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