10 Of The Most Promising Tech Stocks With Huge Dividends

10 Of The Most Promising Tech Stocks With Huge Dividends

Stock markets are a crucial cog of any progressive economy. These public markets offer businesses an opportunity to acquire investments from the public by issuing publicly tradable stocks & shares. Any entity interested in investing money acquires stocks or traded equities, which are investible assets representing fractional ownership of a company, and becomes a stockholder of that particular business.

Tech is influencing and transforming businesses, industries, economies and the world around us. Up and coming technologies are now being widely used across global stock markets; for example, NASDAQ is now implementing AI & machine learning for market monitoring &surveillance.

As technology starts playing a more central role to almost every economic sector, tech stocks are some of the ripest opportunities for making investments that guarantee significant returns.

Let us start by defining what technology stocks are.

The Tech Stock Phenomenon

Simply put, technology stocks are any investments made in the technology sector, starting from semiconductor manufacturing to software development & everything in between. Market experts deem technology stocks the critical performance indicators of a market & an economy. High prices, increasing demands, and reduced risks are the direct consequences of the massive proliferation of technology and the primary reasons behind increased investments.

A much more formal definition is as follows,

Tech stocks are publicly traded shares or equities of companies in the technology sector, which deal with technology-based services and/or products. These stocks represent shares of ownership in tech companies available to buy or sell in the stock market.

Here are some stand-out features of technology stocks.

Here are some stand-out features of technology stocks.

  • Despite being quite volatile while compared to other well-established sectors such as consumer goods, utilities and energy, technology best dividend stocks are highly rewarding to invest in, thanks to some stellar up &comers and well-known cash-cows.
  • From older technologies such as telecommunications & computers to the latest in the field such as ecommerce, cloud computing & AI, stocks in all these sectors can be labelled as tech stocks.
  • As with every other sector, investors must analyze and gleam over the potential threats & opportunities the sector entails. Interested investors must consider several factors such as the type of stocks, stock value & prices, the company’s performance associated with the stocks and other vital elements.

Before we look into tech stocks’ KPIs and select the right technology stock to invest in, let us look at 10 of the most promising tech stocks in 2021.

10 Best Technology Stocks That Pay Dividends

Investing and holding on to the right kind of dividend-paying stocks is not at all an easy thing to do. But, putting your hard-earned money in the right stock can help during the rocky market periods, when capital gains & returns are hard to come by. They act as an excellent source of passive income, act as a hedge-fund against inflation and offer several tax advantages.

Besides the payout, another advantage of high-yield stocks is that one can reinvest the dividends to boost returns. Reinvesting into stocks during tough times can improve the investor’s portfolio and shore up against any downward momentum of a company.

So, let’s tarry no longer and take a look at 10 of the best tech stocks to invest in this post-pandemic market that guarantees substantial returns.

  1. Camtek

An Israel based electronics company specializing in manufacturing inspection equipment for memory chips, processors and similar electronic items, Camtekis a leader in its field and considered the last resort or line of defense for companies looking to protect the quality of their goods.

This is a good tech stock to invest in as good revenues from long-term partners guaranteed good dividends.

  1. Shopify

Here is another winner of 2020, Shopify’s stocks have experienced a considerable gain of 44% in NASDAQ. The pandemic has boosted the stock values of ever ecommerce establishment, and Shopify is reaping the benefits as more,as more & more businesses are resorting to selling their goods online. Click here

With a market capitalization of about $157 billion, the commercial cloud platform is one of the most promising technology stock to invest in 2021. Market experts predict a colossal soar of about 80% in its revenue in the next quarter. This is the right time to invest in this rising tech stock.

  1. PayPal

The revolutionary digital payments platform reported strong earnings and their full-year profit is set to rise substantially in 2021 & 2022. It reported strong Q4 results and a considerable spike in revenues as online transactions increased after the onset of the pandemic.

PayPal’s stocks have surged high and gone out of the buy range. Keep track of the changes and put in your greens into one of the most promising tech stocks of today.

  1. NortonLifeLock

A cybersecuritycompany with more than 50 million consumers, NortonLifelock offers a wide range of associated products & services in online security, identities, privacy, other digital security needs. The company is set to buy another major brand in the industry, Avira from one of its competitors, Investcorp Technology Partners for 360 million. A revenue boost is expected, making NortonLifeLock

an excellent stock to invest in right now.

  1. CrowdStrike CRWD

This is yet another cyber-security firm that offers cloud-focused tech security, using AI & machine learning, for protecting cloud networks & end-points.  With the advent of edge computing, serverless architectures and IoT, CrowdStrike is witnessing a massive growth. The company stock prices are expected to soar with 70% or higher. Revenue is expected to jump from $860 million in 2021 to $1.22 billion in 2022.

The skyrocketing performance of Crowdstrike and widespread digitization are probably the biggest reason to invest in this tech stock.

  1. Cisco

The networking giant, Cisco, offers one of the most dependable dividend tech stocks in the market. A market cap of $207.9 billion and a dividend yield of 2.9% is a significant reason to invest in the tech stock. The company reported a massive jump in its fourth fiscal year earnings and a substantial dividend payout ratio.

This is a must-have tech stock on any investor’s buy list.

  1. Intel

The tech giant reported massive earnings in its third quarter and surpassed all expectations. It looks to re-establish its former dominance as it enjoys a boost in revenue generation and a double rise in stock prices.

  1. Marvell Technology

Marvell Tech is an up and coming juggernaut, one of the most promising semiconductor manufacturing industries today. The company’s projected revenues are set to jump 10% to around $ 3 billion and expected to surge by a further 18% in 2022. The company stocks have soared by 500% in the last five years, and the stock prices are now at $51, with a dividend-yielding at about 0.50%.

A rising giant in the semiconductor industry, Marvell Tech is one tech stock that’s has a considerable probability of returning good profits.

  1. Pinduoduo

An ecommerce platform based in China, Pinduoduo possesses a market capitalization of around $200 billion. It runs a unique business model that combines the extensive reach of a social networking platform with the allure of an online shopping portal.

The company’s revenues jumped by 99% to $2.09 billion and continue to hold substantial gains to date. This is a potent tech stock to invest in.

  1. Workday

As the final entry, we have Workday, an HR and finance cloud software solutions company, which offers financial management tools, human resource management, planning, analytics and the like. The company is coming off a strong Q3 2021 with revenues expected to jump 43%. Sales are expected to rise by 18% to a whopping $4.29 billion.

Company stocks rose by 20%  and hit a record high recently. The valuation picture looks brighter, and investing in this tech stick will be an excellent decision.

That rounds up this article on the ten best technology stocks with high dividends.  Hope this guide helps would-be investors determine the right tech stock to invest in.

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