How to Download Amazon Prime Video App on Any Device

How to Download Amazon Prime Video App on Any Device

As a great movie lover, you must have heard of Amazon Prime Video, a platform that was once known as Amazon Instant Video. Famous for its streaming video service, it offers you plenty of video sources, from movies, TV shows to sports programmes. You can enjoy hundreds of streams on its website or download Prime Video app to get a much smoother movie experience.

Once you’re signed up for Prime Video, you’ll have access to a massive choice of content. You’re entitled to watch series, sports, and movies. Amazon Prime Video offers a free trial for you to try Prime Video for a limited time. You can enjoy them on its web player and the dedicated app, both of which allow you to watch videos online, but the app version also allows subscribers to download videos.

So if you want to seamlessly watch Amazon Prime video online and offline on your loved devices, using Amazon Prime Video is a better choice. Below you will learn how to download the Amazon Prime Video app. If you want to download Prime videos without the app, this article will also introduce the best helper MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader, which is regarded as one of the best Amazon Prime Video Downloaders.

Preparation for Downloading Prime Video App

Before you start downloading the Prime Video app, make sure you meet the below requirements.

  1. Subscription to Prime Video: It is the most important premise. Only Amazon Prime Video subscribers have full access to the complete video content of Prime Video, otherwise, you can only try it free for a limited time by registering on Amazon.
  2. Stable Network Connection: All functions of Prime Video can only be achieved under a stable network connection. Or you will fail to watch or download its videos and to operate other possible app settings.
  3. Enough Storage Space: Make sure your device storage is enough to install Prime Video. Moreover, if you want to watch videos offline, more storage space is required.
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System Requirements for Amazon Prime Video App

You are entitled to download Amazon Prime Video App on any device. However, there are system requirements for this app as below shows.

  • Amazon Devices: Fire TV/Fire TV Stick, Echo Devices with a screen, Fire Tablet,
  • Games Consoles: Sony PlayStation 3, Sony Playstation 4/Pro, Sony PlayStation 5 (including Digital Edition), Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Xbox One,
  • Mobile Devices: Newer versions of Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Amazon Prime Video for Windows (Windows 10/11), Android Automotive,
  • Prime Video System Requirements for Computers: Web Browsers, Amazon Prime Video for Windows 10/11, Amazon Prime Video for MacOS 11.4 big sur or higher, etc.
  • Smart TVs: Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Vizio, Hisense, Philips, Sharp, JVC, TCL, Konka, Skyworth, Changhong, etc.

Download Prime Video App on Any Device

When everything mentioned above is ready, you can download the Amazon Prime Video app for PC, Mac, or any other device. Generally, the app Prime Video can be found in the AppStore of your device.

  • For Windows: Go to Microsoft Store and search the name of Prime Video to get it downloaded.
  • For Android: Search the name of Prime Video in Google Play, then click to download.
  • For Mac/iPhone: Simply go to Mac App Store/AppStore to search and download Prime Video.

Moreover, you can also search for its name through your browsers to find the download address from its official website. But be careful not to download from non-official and third-party channels in case your device gets virus infected.

Tip: How to Download Amazon Videos Without App

Although Amazon Prime Video provides you with countless video sources and supports lots of devices, it has strict restrictions on the number of your devices and video validity time. Watching offline is also a big headache for movie lovers. You might have a hard time enjoying your Prime videos when you are out on a train or under a poor network connection. To solve it, the third-party tool MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader is a good helper for you.

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MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader is a useful tool for you to download any Amazon Prime videos to MP4 or MKV files in Full HD 1080P.  When downloading, you can choose to save the original subtitles and sounds of the video. Surprisingly, it requires no installation of the official Amazon Prime app to download Prime videos. Let’s see how to download Amazon Prime videos through MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader.

Step 1. Log in to your Amazon account.

Get MovPilot downloader ready on your device and launch it to find a login page for Amazon. Input your email or phone number and log in to your Amazon account.

Step 2. Search for the Prime video

You can find your loved videos either by searching for the name in the MovPilot downloader, or by the URL links. As for the latter, simply copy the link from the browser address and then paste it into the search bar of MovPilot.

Step 3.  Select Season/Episode

For a single Prime video, simply click the “Download” button. As for a Prime series, tick the season or episode you want, and then click “Download” to get them all.

Step 4. Enjoy Amazon Prime Videos

When you finish downloading Prime videos, find them in the “History” section of MovPilot. Now you can watch them at any time offline.


It is easy and convenient for you to watch Prime videos through its official Prime Video App. However, the app itself places many restrictions on watching videos so that sometimes it can not meet its users’ needs to enjoy their videos freely. To get rid of these limits, we suggest you make good use of some Prime Video downloaders to keep your loved videos forever.

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