Check these top trending iPhone 14 Pro Max Back Covers

Check these top trending iPhone 14 Pro Max Back Covers

You need to check out these iPhone 14 Pro Max phone cases trending at the top rank in India. These covers have a flagship look, are the most durable, and are completely affordable. Coming from premium cover-making houses, don’t leave your screen yet without checking out these amazing covers! To match the style of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you’ll need an incredible

Heat dissipation back cover by BharatCase

People have complained in the Apple community about the iPhone 14 Pro Max getting overheated, especially after updating to iOS 17. How would you like to have a cover that manages your iPhone 14 Pro Max heat and also shows the iconic logo to all? Sounds too good to be true, but it is true.

BharatCase offers heat-dissipation premium iPhone cases in India that have an accelerated ventilation system for absorbing the heat and cooling down your phone when it’s getting too hot too easily. This cover comes in three different variants and also has shock absorption quality.


  • Complete heat dissipation
  • Original logo on display
  • Absorbs shock and prevents accidental damage
  • Sweat-proof with a honeycomb structure
  • Accelerated ventilation for hardcore gamers and maximum phone use
  • Free shipping provided

MagSafe clear case by Apple

If you’re looking for iPhone 14 Pro Max phone cases that are clear cases with Magsafe, you can check out the Apple store. Apple has clear case MagSafe covers for your iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is a flagship cover with an easy handling feature. The case is completely scratch-resistant and supports wireless charging without heating the phone. The cover accurately shows the original color of your phone, being a clear case. The case is durable and doesn’t block the awesome colored finish of your iPhone 14 Pro Max.


  • Easy to grip and hold
  • Doesn’t block the case colour
  • Has built-in magnets that support wireless charging
  • No yellowing of cover over long-time use
  • No overheating of the phone during wireless charging

Plot Stride 2.0 case cover by Dailyobjects

The most designed cover is here! If you’re looking for premium cases for your iPhone in India that flaunt the best designs and colorful art, this cover may be for you. Made from TPU material and material for avoiding UV radiation, this cover lasts for a long without yellowing.

Cases by Dailyobjects showcase a range of cool art and support-raised bezels, made for advanced grip and better protection. The edges are soft, don’t allow for accidental fall, and prevent the phone from getting cracked. Plot Stride 2.0 case covers have a range of art displayed and are recognized among premium iPhone cases in India.


  • Better grip
  • Lens protection by raised bezels
  • Has 12 different art styles
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry
  • Soft TPU edge that doesn’t make getting cover out difficult

Black Panther Case by Starelabs

The aesthetic black panther on the case is a charm for anyone who loves art in black! Starelabs has a Black Panther leather case which looks and feels entirely premium, just a good fit for your iPhone 14 Pro Max. Among so many iPhone 14 Pro Max covers, this cover is a creative one that offers a premium feel, protects the camera, and is too easy to fit with the phone. The leather touch feels perfectly velvety, with that original black panther face screaming! Note these features:


  • Is anti-fingerprint
  • Never interferes with the cellular signal or WiFi
  • Easy to install
  • Contains microfiber lining inside
  • Fits completely with the phone

Real Aramid Kevilar Case by Cases Villa

Do you know that there are special types of iPhone 14 Pro Max back covers that are super durable and heat resistant? Take a look at this aramid fiber case by Cases Villa. Cases Villa has a real aramid kevilar case, which is totally flexible and completely resistant to any crack or cuts. The cases have better grip and are entirely lightweight to carry over.


  • Has a load of positive customer reviews
  • Has an aluminum meta camera frame
  • Textured design with aramid fiber makes it a different look

Fusion bumper case by Ringke

The Fusion bumper case by Ringke offers a different style of iPhone 14 Pro Max cover cases, and we mean that. It’s a clear case, has corner bumpers, and also contains air pockets with a well-groomed design all around. You can see the Apple logo. Don’t worry about shock absorption because this case has a shock-absorbing property, and works like a charm when you want to install and uninstall this.


  • Has air-pockets for complete protection
  • Exclusively lightweight
  • Best for advanced screen compatibility


So far we have made a complete list for you to make your iPhone 14 Pro Max cover case hunt easier. These covers are selected by us because of their quality, their popularity, and their durability. Forget about those yellowing covers, forget about those fragile covers. Time to upgrade your iPhone 14 Pro Max with these brand new covers that can make a dramatic impression on your friends!


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