10 Top Tips from an Expert eCommerce Consultant

10 Top Tips from an Expert eCommerce Consultant

E-commerce is also termed online commerce that creates space for buyers and sellers to exchange goods and services on online platforms. These e-commerce platforms have grown heights in recent times considering the technology aspect.

This may seem like a cakewalk but it consumes hard blood and sweat to achieve the desired goal. While this ain’t a one-man show, it needs an expert’s hand to put a successful show. These consultants help you in improvising the platform in a much better manner while you can relax and focus on other aspects of the firm.

The consultants will ensure the righteous work is performed with tactics and attractions created to pull the target audiences’ eyes. Hence, its a teamwork with a shared goal.

Let’s check their piece of advice to succeed in an e-commerce platform.

  1. Study your competitors – Knowing your competitors is the basic essential knowledge one must gain before commencing the strategy. Knowing their wins and losses will make you prep up to face such situations. Their strategies can be your case studies which makes you learn much better. The consultants will perform their competitive research based on the niche ideas study their strategies to get inspired from their stories and create a plan for the platform.
  2. Invest in good advertisements – Investing in advertisement platforms attracts more audiences. People tend to click on website links based on attractive advertisements. This will call for more purchases and more profits.

The consultants will run advertisements based on the firm’s budget and strategy. Facebook ads are a beginner platform to invest initially and understand the concepts of advertisements. Hence, connect with your consultants and choose your platform to start with your advertisements.

  1. Check your Google analytics to study website visitors – Google analytics has become a reachable source to understand the visitor’s details and the number of times they have chosen to visit the website. With this data, the details of the visitor can be collected like email address and phone number. These details will help you connect with the customer directly. With the details, you can send your advertising details or company’s updates that pull the attraction to the website again.
  2. Include lead magnets on your checkout page – This is a suggestion from every consultant who wishes to help their e-commerce buddies. Adding up attractive content with offers on the checkout page or the last page will create a second thought of adding this to the wishlist. Synch add-on upgrades with offers and freebies will benefit the customer in purchase the goods/services with discounts and you would also earn a profit percentage for selling them. Hence, a reminder of the wishlist on the checkout page will have a huge impact. Use this link to hire experience ecommerce developer to guide you in creating the best e-commerce platform.
  3. Invest in quality photography of products – Good clarity photos of the product/service will help the audience visualize the detailing better. Better pictures with detailing sill increase the sales.
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Pro Tip – Include the ingredients of products (edible), which will help the customer understand well and decode to purchase easily.

  1. Describe the product details with clarity – Mentioning the product description, the method to use, and specifications like size, fragile content, methods to handle the products, and more. These detailings will make the customer know the product in detail creating a wider chance to purchase the products. Hence, describe your products in detail.
  2. Suggest online platforms – You are starting our website or sharing your platform from an e-commerce portal but you have good contacts. Using the contacts you can suggest them to check your service online. This way you can send traffic to the e-commerce websites. Suggesting online platforms for good business growth will improvise your online presence and grow the business.
  3. Consultants help you to focus on core business projects – You may be a smart brain in implementing multiple projects with impressive strategies but seeking an expert’s help to improve the business at peaks will rescue the work pressure on you and that you can focus on other aspects of the firm. Seek a consultant’s guide who can help you with the core functionalities of the business which can bring you a good name and fame.

Use this link for ecommerce developers to guide you in creating the best e-commerce platform.

  1.  Negotiate deals with suppliers – An eCommerce platform will have huge connections with suppliers across the world depending on the type of products and services you wish to include in the website. Healthy conversations will lead to good relationships making it the best win-win situation for both parties. These relationships will help you negotiate with your suppliers regarding their supplies.
  2.  Technical support – The landing pages, payment gateways, address details must be loaded within seconds. These details must be confidential as well. Hence, ensure that these pages load effectively. Regular debugging will improvise the page experience which results in smooth shopping and customer satisfaction.
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I hope these key tips directly from a consultant’s table are a helping dose to succeed n the e-commerce world. The consultants hold high expertise in such areas who would be the best to suggest about e-commerce functionalities sand guide you implement the plannings you have strategized.

Hence, hiring a consultant for better productivity is never a cost-consuming source.

Go ahead, look for top consultants who wish to collaborate and share their knowledge with your platforms. With this pandemic, hiring these experts will create great job opportunities.

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Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

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