Five Tech Tools That Continue To Evolve As We Do

Five Tech Tools That Continue To Evolve As We Do

The Pandemic has altered the way we work, attend school, dine, socialize and more. These five tech platforms have seen rapid customer growth and a new demographic. Here are the top five tech platforms that have become popular in a socially distanced world.


What was once a meeting app for virtual group conference calls. Zoom boomed when the pandemic took hold. Not only have more and more offices allowed their coworkers to work remote, but the demographic jumped as well. With students as young as preschool age logging on and learning virtually. The future of Zoom may be uncertain, but so are snow days for students now that hopping on a zoom call to avoid the classroom has become an easy option. Will it forever change the school system? Socially distanced get togethers, dates, dance parties and workouts have Zoom at the top of the video conferencing game.


Slack allows you to chat with your office in groups and also allows private messaging. You can separate your conversations by topics and you can get push notifications.  Remote workers are using this tool for daily tasks, utilizing the push notification feature which allows you see real time updates. Slack has become ideal for the remote office, with history storing abilities, out of office notifications and push notifying updates. The app is great for your phone when not at your desk and the  Remote offices are likely here to stay within most organizations for the foreseeable future. And Slack will be right there with them.

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Before the pandemic, mainly graphic designers would use Canva to design banners, put together design graphics for web, design newsletters and create flyers. Now, with Canva’s ease of use, more and more entrepreneurs and small businesses are becoming graphic designers with this handy tool. Canva makes it easy to put together a power point presentation, design a data and pie graph and create header images for web pages and emails. And Canva is packed with fonts and options to get more and features stock photography too, making it an all and one resource for graphics and design. Canva allows the layman to create professional grade graphics in the matter of minutes. You can store your designs and group them by project. It also warns you if you go offline so you don’t lose your work! Canva will continue to extend into the non graphic designer demographic. Those working from home and once brick and mortars can now build their social media presence and e commerce reach using the tools available in Canva.


With E-commerce store development at an all time high, and remote workers and students spending more and more time online, the above tech tools have allowed students and businesses to thrive.  Zoom brings us together for work, learning and play. While Canva allows anyone to become the creative type with little graphic design training. And finally Slack allows a business to operate remotely with daily task tracking and chat tools.

In this ever changing world, we ultimately have the progress in tech business to thank for our ability to stay connected with each other.

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