How to convert MBOX File Into Mac Mail

How to convert MBOX File Into Mac Mail

Looking for a solution on How to convert MBOX File into Mac Mail. If yes, then you will get a solution in this article.

If the user is reading this article, Then you should know about the MBOX file? Why can’t we open the MBOX file?

In today’s time, Email plays a very important role in our life, We use Email to communicate with people around the world, whether it is personnel or professional life. The full form of MBOX is Mail Box. Most of the users use the MBOX platform and it is a secure platform. MBOX is a file format that stores electronic mail messages. The messages are stored in the container with their attachments. Apple mail and Mozilla thunderbird support the MBOX file format. The Email messages are stored in a text file format and it contains ASCII text. The attachment of the file is encrypted; we cannot view that file. MBOX gives many features to the user like respond without delay, the speedy filter can chat with people, etc.

There are four types of MBOX file format:





File Format’s Location in Different Email Client Supported by MBOX

There are many file formats which include:

1.Opera Mail

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3.Apple Mail

4.Mail bird

Many file formats support Email client, I have mentioned the main formats.

Problem in .MBOX File Extension

1.How to open MBOX file from Gmail, MBOX file mac,

3.MBOX viewer mac

  1. how to backup mail on a mac

5 how do I transfer my mail folders to a new mac.

Difference Between .mbox file and .msf file

Every mail folder, (inbox, sent, outbox, etc) which is divided into two file extension. One is the .mbox file and the second one is the .msf file. In .mbox file extension stores the information of the email like inbox, sent items, and outbox, etc. Whereas, In the .msf file stores the information of the email like an inbox.msf, sent.msf, outbox.msf etc. When you transfer the MBOX file to someone then you send the .mbox file. You cannot send the .msf file because the receiver person cannot read the MSF file. To read or access the .msf file need any tool.

Advantages of Outlook Email Client

1.It is more secure and having advanced features.

2.You can customize other email clients as well as Exchange server.

3.The user interface is very easy. Anyone can use it.

4.Anti spam feature and password protection.


Manual Methods:

While using the manual method, you should have some technical knowledge.

How to convert MBOX File Into Mac Mail

The manual methods to convert MBOX file into Mac Mail are given below:

1.Open the Apple mail in your system.

2.Move your cursor to the left-hand side and click on the File.

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3.Select the Import Mailboxes.

4.Choose the file to import the Data. Click on next.

5.Select the location you want to save the file.

6.Click on the import folder. and click on the finish button.

MBOX file into Outlook for Mac:

  1. Copy the MBOX file in your system.
  2. Open Outlook on your Mac and select the file.
  3. Click on the import button.
  4. Select the file from the text file
  5. Click on the Next button.
  6. Choose the MBOX file.
  7. Select the import option.
  8. Then click on the finish button.

Gmail Account as moderator

  1. Customize Gmail account IMAP account on Apple Mail.
  2. Select the file you want to import.
  3. Choose the copy or move option as per your need.
  4. Close the Apple mail window.
  5. Customize the Gmail account.
  6. Now your data has been copied.

Limitation of Manual Method:

  1. They are time-consuming.
  2. You cannot convert multiple files at one time.
  3. The data can be changed while using the manual method.
  4. While doing the manual method you should be technically strong.
  5. While converting MBOX to pst, You cannot convert multiple files.

If this method has not worked for you, Then you can try MBOX convert for mac. This tool will convert the files. This method can convert multiple files at the same time.


In this article, we have discussed How to convert MBOX File Into Mac Mail. This article will give you knowledge about the file format of MBOX and how many extensions are there in the MBOX file. The manual method is very difficult, time-consuming. While converting files you can also lose your data. I have also mentioned the trustworthy solution in the above. You can try this method and it is very easy to use. You can try the demo version also.

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