123 Free Movies | Download latest movies in 123 free movies

123 Free Movies | Download latest movies in 123 free movies

Watching online movies, tv shows, and web series is how we all spend our time at home during this pandemic and lockdown. All the OTT platforms offer lots of collections to watch, but not everyone can spend fortunes for entertainment, and why spend money on something when you can get it for free? 123 free movies have numerous collections of movies and tv shows of all genres.

Films and TV series are the best and feasible means to keep ourselves busy and out of boredom. To add it up, downloading any movie or tv series you want to watch later on is very helpful when you might have any internet trouble or low on data.

123 Free Movies | Watch on 123 Free Movies

Many free websites lurking around the internet claim to provide access to movies and tv shows for free, but not all of them are safe and true. Most of them are just phishing sites and piles of adware launched on the internet to harm you.

But worry not 123 free movies is a website that is a safe haven for you to stream tons of movies and tv shows of various genres. They have been around for almost 5 years now, and since the pandemic, their demand has seemingly boomed.

Many users spend nearly 9-10 hrs daily streaming movies online on 123 free movies. Why? You ask? It is because they offer content in HD quality and no cam recorded content. All the movies and tv shows available on their website are of premium quality.

Not just their collection, but you can search for any tv show with all their episodes or movies you want from their search bar. Unfortunately, they only provide content in the English language, which means all you have access to is American content produced mainly by Netflix and such. But it is not so bad. You will find collections from around top streaming platforms such as NetFlix, Hulu, amazon prime.

Download 123 free movies | How To Download From 123 Free Movies?

Low on data or not in a mood to watch the movie you want right now?

Worry not 123 Free Movies lets you download any movie or tv show you want, with just a few clicks away.

For every movie you select to open, two options appear on top of the movie windows—stream in HD and Download in HD. Just click on the Download in HD option, and you will be redirected to another page.

Or there is another way, by hovering over a small download icon near the video control toolbar below the movie screen and just clicking on the download icon, and it will redirect you to the download page.

From there, just select the download option, and you are done.

If any problem occurs, just try the mirror links provided below the actual link; you will be good to go. As simple as that.

Why is 123 Movies free?

Well, it’s not exactly free because every organization or website would need funds to keep working and to be alive. They gain revenue from ads. These ads appear on the website when you click on any movie title or anywhere on the screen. And they are totally safe yet quite annoying for users.

If you are someone who is annoyed by these ads, then we have a solution for you.

Download an AdBlocker, Trackers Blocker, and Pop-up Blocker extensions.

Here is the list of few top extensions:

AdBlocker Name: uBlock Origin

Tracker Blocker: Ghostery

Pop up Blocker: Poper Blocker

You can find all these in your chrome web store.

On second thought, watching these ads might also help the website owners in their earning. However, it’s your choice.

Is it illegal? | 123 Free Movies legal or Not!

There can be a lengthy debate on if streaming on 123 free movies is legal or not. In short, piracy is illegal, and one can be fined for being part of sharing and pirated content. But that does not necessarily mean you cannot watch it. We all do lots of activities on the internet that might be illegal, yet we are unaware of them. Similarly, watching or sharing pirated content is also the same. You just need to be sure to not get into any trouble.

The government has already banned lots of applications in India, and as we all know, every adult streaming website is also prohibited. But movies have yet to be. So we can say there definitely is still some time while we enjoy the content provided by these free streaming services.

123 free movies without registration?

There is no need to register to stream movies or tv shows on the 123 free movies website. Everything provided is free to watch. If you see any page demanding registration to gain access to streaming content, Surely it is spyware, and you need to immediately close it.

Why does it happen?

Many scammers and hackers on the internet try to spread malware and viruses using such websites as bait. Make sure that you are using the official website domain of 123 free movies.


Finally, 123 Free Movies is one of the most efficient online movies and tv show streaming services we have during this pandemic. Many users have reported it as safe and the best service, which offers access to a vast collection. If you face any problems in accessing their website feel free to comment below, we will definitely help you out.


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