17, Dancing Queen — How to host a Bingo party

17, Dancing Queen — How to host a Bingo party

Sometimes there’s nothing quite like a game of Bingo. The rules of the game are simple, meaning anyone can play, and it’s a great way to ignite your competitive spirit, seeing who can call Bingo first.

Bingo is not only an infectious, fun game, it’s also a great social event. If you’re in charge of arranging your next gathering with your friends, then you might want to consider hosting a Bingo party!

All you’ll need is your friends, a few pieces of equipment and maybe some snacks! Read on to find out how you could host the perfect Bingo gathering.

Source the equipment

What would a game of Bingo be without a Bingo machine and some numbered balls? The majority of us probably don’t have Bingo equipment lying around in the house, but thankfully, it’s pretty easy and cheap to get hold of online.

Alternatively, you could get crafty and make your own! All you’ll need is some ping pong balls that you’ll have to write numbers on, some pens for everyone to cross off their numbers, and a bag or box to hold all of the balls.

Of course, you’ll also need to provide everyone with a Bingo card, and this is really simple if you have a printer! There are plenty of Bingo card templates available for free online, that you can print out, and are instantly ready for you to use.

If you don’t fancy sourcing or making your own equipment then there are always Bingo games online that you and your friends could play. Just get your friends to bring their devices along and you could all play a virtual game of Bingo together!

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Provide some prizes

This step is optional, but you might want to provide a selection of prizes to give your friends some incentive to win! They’re not going to expect you to provide a huge jackpot prize, but it might be fun to have some sweets or chocolates up for grabs for the winner.

Create a playlist

This is a party after all and what is a party without music? You and your friends could set up a playlist beforehand and each add some of your favourite songs. That way everyone gets their favourite song played, without having to make a request to the DJ. You could even find songs that include numbers or are Bingo related, to really set the atmosphere.

Decide who will be the caller

Since you’re the host of the party, it might be a good idea for you to assume the role of Bingo caller. This means that you’ll be in charge of picking a ball and calling it out to the other players.

It’s a simple role, but you could spice it up by coming up with some fun Bingo calls. Rather than using the classic Bingo calls that you’d hear at your local hall, you could incorporate some inside jokes and topics that are relevant in your friendship group. By personalising your calls, you’re sure to have a hilarious Bingo experience.

If your party is a hit, and you and your friends decide to make it a regular event, you could rotate the caller, so that everyone gets a chance to host a fun night of Bingo.

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With these top tips to hand, what are you waiting for? Spice up your night in with friends by hosting a Bingo party!

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