3 Points Which Prove That Online Business Directories Are Still Working

3 Points Which Prove That Online Business Directories Are Still Working

Business directories emerged from the yellow pages, a yellow book that listed businesses and their direction. The yellow pages were deterred in 2019, which is a thoughtful thing because we’re so progressive in technology we are amazingly skilled to store listings online. With more and more of the buyer’s interest moving online, searching the businesses in printed listings and hard copies of business journals is all but lost.

Today’s searchers usually “Google it” and use authorized online business directories to look up for companies and develop professional partnerships.

Having your organization come up in these online business directories is significant for prevailing competitive in the digital period. This is mainly true for technical industries. There are always dozens of business directory lists for particular niches, industries, and locations. Like https://directory.railbusinessdaily.com/ has list of all the companies working in rail industry. In other words, the more spots your company is listed, the more chances you have to get attention and contacts.

There are a few great business directories that we have listed below in this article. These online business directories are great for your businesses online. As we already know the benefits of online business directories.  But first, let’s explore if people still use online business directories listings for their businesses

  1. To Increase Their Local Visibility

It’s persuading to concentrate on the national frontage your organization may receive from being listed in online directories. However, there is the intrinsic significance closer to home. Local business directories are direct conduits to local clients. Moreover, local guides let you influence local SEO — boosting reach to a particular geographic area, which may be essential if your business is only licensed for projects in individual countries, for instance.

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People still go for the online business listing services because they are comfortable yet appealing; several identified the most outstanding online business directories are there for every organization and made extra suggestions for industrials/complex B2Bs. So let’s put them to use!

  1. To Increase Their SEO

Business directory lists generally offer backlinks to your site (with some being adequate than others). However, their most crucial SEO advantage is creating new Google listings. People use online business listings to appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) for their business name and attract parties to their website. These also operate as authoritative backlinks from your profile to your website.

  1. For Reputation and Content

The internet has built up the discoverability of companies, big and small. With all of the accessible options, today’s buyers are extremely cautious about which dealers they trust online.

In this situation, people often look up to online directories for strengthening reputation. They’re frequently seen as a useful source for locating high-quality, reputable businesses. Emerging in these directories verifies that your company is a considerable and authentic provider, not some shell business.

Although your content plays a significant role in enhancing your business website’s traffic, try to publish relevant content on your website. When people find your website useful and pertinent to their needs, they will indeed get persuaded by your business.

Web Directories That Still Have Value Today

Many web directories of the past have transitioned beyond primary listings to explicit review sites to stay relevant. Many of the sites online reflect this trend, such as Google my business, QRG Tech, etc.

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You could find many more on an online list of potential business directories, like Jasmine Directory, Brown book, and Bloggapedia. Still, considering their current traffic volumes (and lack thereof), we are unsure if they’re worth the effort anymore.

Preferably, choose to direct only those sites that are more than a sheer citation shot for your business. These are all web directories with real traffic numbers that could translate into total value for your website.

  1. Google my business
  2. Bing Places
  3. Yahoo
  4. Yelp
  5. Foursquare
  6. Yellow pages
  7. Mapquest.com
  8. City squares
  9. BOTW
  10. Tupalo
  11. BBB
  12. White pages


So YES, people still prefer online business directories for their small and big businesses. Most business directories have progressed to mobile optimization. Mobile optimization is a proficient pro because most people use their phones to search for services, products, and companies online. Stats reveal that as of January 2018, 63.4% across the world web users were using mobile phones.

Most people with a mobile regularly charge their phones; they are ready to use in a few seconds. It is quicker and more comfortable to look up for anything online on mobile instead of having to turn your computer on, wait for it to switch on, log in, then wait for Chrome or Firefox to load up.

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