3 things to know about the CryptoMatex trading platform

3 things to know about the CryptoMatex trading platform

If you have decided to trade, start looking for a decent broker. Nowadays you will see many brokers offering trading crypto. Now the cryptocurrency sector has become very popular. It has obtained mainstream worldwide adoption. That is why every new and experienced trader chooses it. And the first step is to find yourself a perfect crypto trading platform. One of the first and most popular nowadays is the CryptoMatex trading platform. They were launched in 2009 and started with ‘Bitcoin- BTC’. If you are interested and want to know a little more, here are 3 important things to know about CryptoMatex.


First of all, we should note that to use CryptoMatex you don’t need to download and install any programs or applications. All you need to do is register on the CryptoMatex website. The website of CryptoMatex is available in English, Spanish, and German. It is mobile adapted so it can be easily opened on your laptop, tablet, or even mobile phone. Once you log in the interface is easy to understand. The website is logically designed and all the main sections are well structured.

CRYPTOMATEX Regulation and Safety OF Funds


First of all, CryptoMatex has a license as a professional participant in the securities market.

Financial performance

CryptoMatex is on the list of the largest brokers. Large trading volumes do not guarantee you complete peace of mind, but it means that the company has many clients and they trust it with significant capital.


Study the CryptoMatex website, read customer reviews on the Internet. Pay attention to the history of the company –  you will never see CryptoMatex associated with financial scandals.


Before signing an agreement with a broker, read the risk notice. This document describes in detail why you can lose money when trading on the securities market.


Study the terms and conditions of CryptoMatex carefully. Pay attention to the details: commissions, terms of money transfer, interest on loans. CryptoMatex is a transparent company that never strives to hide any info from potential clients

Customer Support Services

When you think about starting trading or choosing your first broker you may underestimate the importance of customer service. But all traders earlier or later will have to contact customer support.

When it comes to CryptoMatex, at all stages of interaction, the client understands that consultants will help him at any time, and that support will resolve all problems. All team members are interested in helping to solve the problem, are polite and interested. The company is always in touch with the client 24-5: answers questions, provides assistance and technical support.

To sum up

This review shows you the most key points in working with a CryptoMatex broker. However, to make the right choice, it is important to start from your requirements: perhaps for someone advanced tools will be fundamentally important, and for someone access to lower fees. To clarify and get more detailed information, we recommend that you refer to the website of the company.


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