3 ways a client portal can enhance our business security!

3 ways a client portal can enhance our business security!

As an individual and a business, you need to know the best ways in which you can protect yourself. You need to protect yourself from lawsuits, gain legal representation, safeguard your finances, protect your social media accounts, adn protect yourself in daily life! Security is a paramount feature in every aspect of society – and the same goes for communication between businesses and dedicated customers.

Have you ever spoken to a customer service representative on the phone and you find that someone was listening in on your call? Have you ever sent an email to a business and found that it was hacked by a spam user? If this is the case, you have been the subject of a security breach when it comes to business-consumer communications.

As a business, this is one of the worst things that can happen to your company. Not only will this reduce the trust costumes have in your business and your reputation in the industry, but it can lower customer retention rates and prevent new customers from designing to give your business a try!

Let’s see a new technology and communication methods businesses can use to enhance their business security and improve customer confidence!

3 ways a customer-oriented and secure communication method can boost business efficiency and security!

There are many ways in which businesses can boost their security. One of the main ways is by using a client portal to help create a foolproof communication method between consumers and customer service representatives to easily answer questions and deal with complaints on a one-to-one basis. Let’s see the three ways this client portal can help businesses boost their security.

Two-factor authentication

One of the main ways a client portal can boost security is by using a two-factor authentication method. This typically involves having a set password with numbers and letters, along with using a second verification method. This second verification can either be personal questions that you answered while setting your password, receiving an email confirmation, or using a specific app. Google authentication app lets you open the app and type in the corresponding code to your laptop to allow for a secure sign-in.

Complex passwords

The second way that a client portal acan boost security is by only allowing complex passwords to log in to the system. A complex password typically involves numbers, letters, and symbols, with the length of the password having to be over 7 characters in most cases. This makes it hard for hacks to guess common passwords, such as your last name, the street you grew up on, or birthday month.

User-based permissions

The final way in which a client portal can help you improve your security is by using user-based permissions. A user-based permission ensures that your communication and information shared in the chat is secure and protected.


Including a client portal for your business communications can increase your security, customer trust, and customer retention rate! By adding two-factor authentication, complex passwords, and user-based permissions, you can safeguard your communications to allow for a more trustworthy business!


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