Complete Guide on Integration of Wearable Devices with Mobile Apps

Complete Guide on Integration of Wearable Devices with Mobile Apps

The combination of wearable technology and mobile app development is the advanced innovation of humanity. Performing activities and tasks without holding the cell phone in hand or the pocket are feasible with these intelligent devices. The integration of IoT with mobile application development services offers complete comfort in executing day-to-day tasks.

The manufacturing of the particular devices helps you give the best information with a nod of your head or a wave of your hand. Mostly, such devices are monitoring equipment that can wear on your wrist too. These devices are connected to specific mobile applications that will give data from time to time.

We are only aware of the smartwatches or even the fitness trackers that help monitor your sleep, heartbeat, burned calories and so forth. It is imperative to understand that there are diversified devices that perform much more than monitoring your health.

Why are Wearable Devices being in Demand?

  1. Comfortable Multitasking: Imagine you holding the phone while you eat or you sleep. Wearable smart devices are a replica of your cell phone but relatively in a smaller size. Moreover, it is not the one you need to hold all the time, as you can wear it on any particular part of your body, and you can continue doing your tasks with ease. You can leave the device as it is and perform any activity. Be it swimming or cooking; it does its job while you carry on with yours.
  2. Health Consciousness: Healthy lifestyle is the agenda of the era. People have realized the significance of fitness. Tracking the same without your knowledge gives you an extra breather time to take care of yourself and the task at hand. The mobile applications bridged to your device can give detailed, comprehensive and informative data about your health. It supports human wellbeing, and that’s one reason why these devices are most sought after.
  3. Entertainment and Fashion: Wearable smart devices serve three main objectives.
  • Spontaneous tracking of your health statistics
  • Task Accomplishment with increased productivity
  • Improved Fashion Statement
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One can certainly not deny the last point. The big brands have started developing gadgets apart from the ones they usually manufacture. These are sold as add on. Devices like rings, chains, watches have become more popular these days. More importantly, none knows that you are wearing a smart device, yet the device monitors your activities very closely.

Are there only Fitness Trackers available as wearable devices?

Strangely, we know only about the fitness trackers like smartwatches. Numerous other devices perform many other tasks.

You can indeed control the home system with a few clicks on the device. If you are planning to play music, you can still do it by snapping your fingers. There are tracking devices available these days that help track your car or even a person who is old or even sick. The mobile application development services with excellent wearable devices have made everything possible that you can do without much effort.


It saves a lot of time, and continuous tracking of a person, device, or even your house or car is carried out effectively.

How does Mobile Application Support the Wearable Devices?

The mobile applications are built to control and work in synchronization with intelligent devices. They are supposed to work hand in hand. The main functions that these mobile applications perform are

  1. Regular Analysis: Mobile applications will help analyze the required specimen under the device’s control.
  2. Comprehensive Reports: The apps would give you informative reports that help you to make informed decisions
  3. Incredible Information Management: Apps store data, but they will also notify if there is inaccuracy. For example, if the door of the house is not closed correctly, it will notify you and simultaneously wait for your command to close the door.

The other functions that add to these are monitoring, reading, sensing and so forth.

Opportunities for the Wearable Devices

There are many devices and many brands available in the market. Using the right one for your lifestyle marks the significance of the device. At the same time, there are a few challenges that these devices face these days. If these are taken care of, the consumers might find it challenging to identify the best device. Therefore, these are areas of improvement that the manufacturers must focus on.

  • Accuracy: Data accuracy is of significant concern with the devices. There are top-class pieces of equipment available that offer accurate information. At the same time, it differs in its capacity for a few other functionalities. It is not about the brand but about the device that matters a lot.
  • Clarity of Information: The devices, although they give accurate data about a particular activity, understanding the data is a challenge. The mobile application developers must focus on lucid style rather than complicating it. Most of the times, the data needs professional support in understanding whether you are healthy or not.
  • Power Consumption: The pivot of the idea behind smart wearable devices is to connect with your body most of the time. If the devices are required to be changed frequently, it does not serve the purpose. Therefore, the manufacturers must focus their energy on making devices that have good play life.
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Wearable Devices are not fitness trackers; the time has come where the companies have started using these devices to monitor employee productivity. At the same time, the integration of IoT has reached its peak. As a result, the interaction with the devices has become more effortless. If the devices’ shortcomings are addressed comprehensively, you can automate your surroundings completely without spending too much from your pocket.

[Author Bio]:  Prashant Pujara is the CEO of MultiQoS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a well-known website and mobile app development firm that specializes in android and iOS app development. He has over 10 years of app development expertise, with a particular emphasis on mobile app development for various platforms, including iOS and Android.

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