4 Digital Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Online Presence

4 Digital Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Online Presence

With the way the world is headed today, and how businesses have reacted to the changes and the alterations in their industry, and customers, it is no secret that the way forward, and the way now, is through digital marketing.

Digital marketing has become the dominant force in marketing today. It has taken the place of traditional ways of marketing such as paper ads and billboards. Businesses and entrepreneurs are all heading towards implementing an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy that checks all the boxes. From social media to SEO, to hiring a link building company, entrepreneurs are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to making sure that their digital marketing needs are met, and strategies are implemented.

So if you are an entrepreneur, or a marketing professional, or a business professional of any sort, then this article will familiarize you with the 4 digital marketing tactics to grow your online presence.

#5- Link Building

Link building has proven to be a true and effective tactic when it comes to growing your online presence. In basic terms, link building is the exchange of hyperlinks that link back to one’s website for the purpose of driving traffic to the website. SEO analysts or a link building company use link building as a tool to generate traffic. The more traffic that comes into the website, the more recognition that website will receive from search engines like Google. Once that happens, the website will begin to climb the ranks of Google’s search engine results page. The goal for any website is to rank on the first page, and in the top 3 results of that page. Link building is an effective SEO strategy and one that has been around for a while, with no signs of going out of style.

#4- E-mail and Direct Messaging

Both E-mail and Direct Messaging are excellent ways to reach out to potential customers and leads to market yourself and your business. E-mails work in broadcasting a message to a large group of individuals. Direct Messaging through social media platforms or professional websites is also an excellent way to source new clients and leads. Direct messaging differs from E-mail by having a more personalized touch and approach to it. Direct messaging occurs through social media platforms, which means the recipient of the message already has an established connection and can learn more about you through your social media profile. Combining the right set of both, however, is key to growing your online business. You want to establish an E-mail and messaging combine where you send out both forms of communication in the right, not too spammy, sort of way. How you dictate or write, these messages will matter also. You don’t want to come off too pushy, but at the same time, you want to market yourself and sell your product or service.

#3- Social Media

Everyone uses social media. That should be enough to get you and your business on the various social media platforms. However, if you are still not convinced, you need not look further than the wide success businesses have had on social media, promoting their products or services. So if you are an entrepreneur starting out, or if your a business owner looking to expand your digital presence, social media is an important tool to use. Your customers are on social media, so are your competitors. You’ll find the latest trends and demands on social media. It is also a great place to connect and engage with your customers and grow your following. Social media went from a social fun tool to a business essential. Nowadays, businesses have become lost, of have fallen behind, if they’re missing a strong social media presence.

#2- Content Marketing

Another area that has dominated the online prism is that of content marketing. Content marketing is the practice of creating captivating content that succeeds in grabbing attention, driving engagement, going viral, and growing your online presence. Today, great content marketing consists of various forms of content, such as blogs, infographics, soundbites, and more. But the two leading forms of content in today’s digital era are -without a doubt- video and podcasts. Video content has become the leading form of content. So much so that studies show in 2021, video content will be search engine users’ go-to form of content when searching for an inquiry on search engines like Google. A big reason why is because video content succeeds in attracting even the laziest of internet users.

Similarly, podcasts have grown a lot in popularity over recent years. Podcasts have proven to be the alternative form of educational, and informative media that the crowds and masses online have been yearning for. But at the same time, podcasts can be fun and entertaining. That is what makes podcasts so potent, the fact that it can combine both education and entertainment. Including these forms of content as part of your overall content marketing strategy will be a key strategy in growing your online business.

#1- Brand Awareness and Copywriting 

Communicating online is no different than communicating in person. The way you phrase certain words and statements will have an overall impact on your business and brand. In fact, one may argue that communication online is more difficult than in person, because with digital communication you can’t rely on body language or expressions to help convey your message. Ultimately, what truly defines your communication is your tone of voice and your brand. Those two elements will determine how your audience will interpret and perceive your message.

That is why establishing a strong brand awareness is imperative to have clear communications. The other side of that coin would be to have concise and clear copywriting that succeeds in capturing attention and being creative. All those elements combined help your business establish its digital foundation, and will dictate how you communicate to your customers. The more efficient you are with your communication, the more you will grow your online presence.


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