What to focus on when looking to get intent data?

What to focus on when looking to get intent data?

 With the world moving towards a data-driven strategy, you must capitalize on data in every way possible so that you wouldn’t be left behind. The data-based strategy is fast becoming the norm. This is particularly true when it comes to marketing.

Data-driven marketing strategy is indeed proving to be highly effective. All the same, time, relying only on just customer data is not enough. And this is where intent data comes in. With a mix of both customer signal and intent data, you can get a much broader bird’s eye view into customer insights, which in turn you will gain a competitive advantage.

To make your journey of collecting intent data easier; we have come up with a list of things that you will need to focus on, many of which will be known as the best  B2B database providers out there.

Let’s start by looking at the basics of intent data.

What is intent data?

Intent data is the online-behavior-based that links businesses and buyers based on a particular topic. The focus here are activities and actions on the buyer’s part that might be indicative of the desire to make a purchase. These buyers’ activities can include reading product reviews, website visits, downloads of case studies and white papers, views on infographics, and the like. Study and analysis of these activities can allow one to make reasonable assumptions on the possibility of closing a sale with said buyer.

What Matters When it Comes to Intent Data?

  • Keyword search

The key to success in any industry is knowing who your customers are, as this will allow you to shape your product and services around the needs of your customers specifically. Well, understanding both search terms and keywords as they relate to your business aids greatly in giving you a clear picture of who your customers are and what they want.

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If you keep tabs on the searches made by your customers, then you will succeed in narrowing down what information from your end will be relevant to them. If you are a marketer, you will need to look out for internal, informational, and navigation search terms even while using B2B database providers’ services.

  • Browser know-how

The browser being used by your customer can give you a lot of information about their behavior. This is why browser know-how becomes crucial, especially when you are looking forward to collecting intent data. You will need to use this approach especially if you choose to partner up with dependable B2B intent data providers.

If you know about the content viewed by your customer, you will be better able to understand your audience. And all that you have to do is to keep tabs on cookies and browsing history. With all the information about user language and their research behavior, the personalization of messages becomes so much easier.

  • Know how users interact with your brand

Understanding how users interact with your brand through a wide array of channels will allow you to know which user experience triggers the audience to buy from your company. And with the right knowledge, it will become much easier for you to generate quality leads that will always qualify even before visiting your website for making any purchase.

Social media is one of the most popular and easiest platforms from which you can gather this kind of information. Many of these platforms have built in analytics suites that let you track interactive information with regard to your brand. You would do well to use these to the fullest given how ubiquitous social media is in the world today..

  • Segment the organizations that interact with you

There is no denying that if your marketing efforts have been directed towards segmenting people, you will gain a competitive advantage. But at the same time, your marketing team should also focus on segmenting organizations that regularly interact with you. This approach is even recommended by B2B intent data providers.

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If you match a person’s intent information with that of an organization’s account, then it will become easier for you to know what the organizations are looking for and what is their field of interest. Better, when you do this, you increase the chances of being connected to people within an organization that can sign off on purchases of your product or service.

  • Run predictive analysis on the intent of consumers

Data is all well and good, but it isn’t worth much if you don’t apply scientific analysis on what you’ve got. Through statistical analysis, your team will better perceive a potential customer’s intent by going through the patterns and similarities that will significantly affect actions, behaviors, and even future trends. And if you start using these data points, this will not only help you to sell in the present but will aid in with your future sales efforts as well.

It doesn’t matter whether you are focusing on B2B lead gen or trying to harness the power of data in the best possible way; you have to make sure that you are using intent data in particular correctly to give you in-depth details about the behavior of your potential customers.

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