How to Run and Manage a Successful Marketing Team

How to Run and Manage a Successful Marketing Team

Many business owners find it challenging to run an effective marketing team. While many of them have no basic knowledge of how to make it work, others have the ideas and cannot implement them successfully.

Without a good marketing team, a business would struggle to lead and convert targeted audiences to customers

Tips to Grow an Effective Marketing Team 

  • Create a Marketing Strategy

If you want to run a successful marketing department, you must have an easy-to-follow marketing strategy. So the first thing you need to arm your business is a marketing strategy that would review your brand’s identity, mission, buyer persona, budget, and define KPIs.

The strategy can be reviewed quarterly or bi-annually to keep your business on top of its marketing game.

  • Manage the brand

A prominent function of any marketing team is managing its brand. This means that you need to define how people would see you outside- from the website templates, written style guide, logos to your resources. For example, your business can have WordPress developers, editors, graphic designers, communication designers, and more. If you have a poor website design that was not developed by WordPress developers, you may not sell your brand well to people.

  • Develop campaigns

Campaigns are vital for business growth. Every marketing team understands that they have to develop and manage temporary and ongoing campaigns. For example, you can have a temporary marketing campaign that deals with a product launch or an event, while ongoing campaigns deal with SEO or social media strategy.

  • Use customized marketing materials

Each project and campaign you run should come with personalized materials. You need a solid creative team to boost your marketing team’s efforts and build a successful eCommerce store. The materials deal with a blog, elements on the website, social media, emails, including promotional materials. Your brand components may deal with copy, video, animation, or images.

  • Good SEO strategies

No marketing campaign is complete without SEO. You need an organic marketing tactic to put your brand before your target audience. The marketing team should come up with great keywords and develop content around them. Whether you have a tight budget or have enough money to run a campaign, organic traffic cannot stay behind your plans. While organic traffic is cheap, it can grow your marketing strength fast.

  • Have engaging social media pages

Today, businesses have taken their social media pages as a vital part of their marketing strategies. Therefore, your marketing team should have a serious engagement on your brand’s handles. We have different social media platforms with different concepts for your brand. Hence, you should create social media strategies that work with your marketing team.

  • Become your media representative

While your brand might hire communications staff or PR representatives handling your business media, you should work with them to achieve their expected results. Some of the strategies implemented by media representatives include managing media requests, writing press releases, etc. In addition, you should ensure that every outgoing media campaign or request should be used to improve your brand.

  • Conduct market research

If you want to win over your target audience, you should understand them. The easiest way to achieve this is by conducting market research. First, the research would help you see the market needs and how the customers act towards specific products or services. Then, you can use a focus group for your direct feedback.

  • Develop a clear communication path

Communication is essential to the success of a marketing team. You should find ways to help your team connect and the brand on an emotional level. The dysfunction marketing team can suffer from:

  • Lack of trust
  • Inattention to set targets or results
  • Lack of commitment
  • Fear of  encountering conflict
  • Avoidance of accountability

These issues happened because communication was missing. If your team cannot communicate well, they may not perform well.

You should have the following roles filled to run and manage a marketing team. However, this depends on your brand’s objectives and the size of your marketing team.


Decision-makers handle the lead roles in your marketing team. They have the skills and experience of pushing campaigns out. They decide the budget for each campaign and understand what to do at every time.


Brands need strategists to align their marketing teams to the objectives and goals set for success. Then, these people take their strategies to the decision-makers for dialogue and approval.


We need people to handle every aspect of the brand for a successful outcome. Someone should head each unit for proper accountability, from accounts for your clients, SEO, departments, and social media to research.


When campaigns are created and implemented, someone should handle them to ensure that performance is maximized and target goals are met.


Specialists help your team with inputs that can help everyone do their jobs successfully. In addition, they give ideas and direction for every marketing decision.


This is how you run and manage a successful marketing team to uplift your business. What process do you follow to prepare a successful marketing team? Please feel free to let us know in the comments.

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