4 Interior design trends 2021

4 Interior design trends 2021

After a long year full of changes and a lot of time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2021 has arrived, a year that is a little more flexible and with people already adapted to a new way of life. It is important to keep in mind that all of the above is reflected in the current interior decoration trends, which you will learn about in this post. Don’t miss them!

Due to the need to stay indoors for so long, and the strong desire to go out and explore as before and breathe fresh air, it has become necessary to decorate homes in such a way that they are conducive to peace and relaxation, which at the same time exude warmth and comfort, without forgetting sustainability. It is around this that the colours, materials and styles of the 2021 interior decoration trends revolve.

Here are some of the interior design trends for 2021:

1.- Back to nature with natural decorative elements

One of the main decoration trends for 2021 is to adopt decorative elements that make us feel back in touch with nature and there is no better idea than placing a red sea aquarium with beautiful fishes filled in it.  The popularity of this trend is due to the long periods at home that are necessary in these pandemic times.

Interiors are decorated with soothing tones that emit warmth, as well as natural fabrics found in furniture, curtains, covers and carpets, such as jute, linen, cotton, reed, among others, represent this interesting trend.

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Other elements that are also part of this trend are wood, which is used in floors, walls, furniture and numerous decorative accessories. And natural plants, which give a great charm to the rooms in which they are found, in the company of windows that allow abundant natural light to enter.

2.- Simplicity and minimalist elegance

Another long-standing trend for interiors, which has been continued in 2021, is to opt for a minimalist style.

This style is perfect for many people nowadays, as it gives them a strong feeling of tranquillity as well as elegance.

The colours that accompany this minimalist style are black and white, accompanied by some grey tones, mainly used in backgrounds. It is worth mentioning that for this style to work, numerous details must be left out, the idea is to generate spaces that transmit spaciousness.

The use of large panes of glass instead of walls or small windows is another of the ideas of this trend, which is excellent as it allows a better passage of light into all spaces.

In addition to glass, the materials used by the minimalist trend are marble, natural stones, leather, and metals.

It is worth mentioning that one of the most striking spaces decorated with this style are the bathrooms, which make use of natural stones to transmit both elegance and enormous beauty. Long live natural stone bathroom!

3.- Post-modern and eccentric style

Another trend for interior decoration in 2021 is to opt for a post-modern and eccentric style.

This trend consists of a mixture of iconic styles from the past, in which the best of them is taken, thus achieving a spectacular result that brings life, fun and happiness to dwellings or homes.

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This trendy style makes use of all kinds of bright colours, which are mixed together, creating fun spaces. On the other hand, it also makes use of materials such as denim, leather, velvet and wood (painted), which combine perfectly with everything else.

4.- Sustainable decoration

Last but not least, there is sustainable or ecological decoration. This trend has become increasingly popular.

This trend goes hand in hand with many other styles that are also trending in 2021. It consists of making use of ecological materials (such as paints, among others), whose impact on the planet is minimal.

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