4 Skills You Need to Have as A Social Media Manager 

4 Skills You Need to Have as A Social Media Manager 

A social media manager has a lot of tasks to do all in one day. They can be a copywriter, strategist, a designer, customer service representative, and analyst. Therefore, with all these responsibilities, social media skills come in handy. Take time to learn the skills that you need. You need both soft and hard skills to use them to grow the page, get more likes on your Instagram posts, and engage your followers. Also, while working in social, you learn every day to help grow in this career. The better your skills, the better your results. Below are skills every social media manager needs.

  1. Communication 

Social media is a communication site. Therefore, as a social media professional, you need to have good communication skills to fit any character, platform, or audience. In a day, you may have to multitask with various things. For instance, you need to meet with your team for feedback, communicate with customers, compiling a social listening analysis to share with your seniors, among others. Join a trending topic to communicate on social effectively, and you communicate with videos, writing, emoji’s, stickers as long as you pass the message. Find resources to build your communications skills. For instance, TED talks are good platforms to learn communication from expert speakers on improving conversations, storytelling, and digital communication.

  1. Customer care 

Customer care is another must-have skill while working on social media. It combines people skills, customer service, and an eye to uncover opportunities. As a social media manager, you need to develop a social customer care strategy. Plus, many consumers love to reach a brand’s customer service with a question or issue. Therefore, you need to be ready to listen to the concerns, praise, and demands. Customer care also is in charge of organizing ways to celebrate their customers. Remember, you are your brand’s biggest cheerleader, and understating customer care will help you make a positive impact. Finds resources to enhance your customer care. Look for a podcast to help you learn about customer understanding.

  1. Agility

The social media platforms move fast, and the best plans become irrelevant quickly. Therefore, it is vital to be agile as a social media manager. It is an indispensable social media skill to help react to a new opportunity, trending topics, or a crisis. When you are agile, you can respond to an appreciative fan or frustrated customers in a personalized and empathetic way. Also, focus on being agile in your long-term strategy. Therefore, as the manager for socials, try different tactics and adapt to new ones to bounce back or incorporate changes to the business. Plus, listening to feedback, both internally and to customers, makes you an agile manager. Find resources through the Twitter trends sidebar, google alerts to keep up with business mentions, a calendar to plan your content, and remember holidays, among others.

  1. Writing

The core of communication is the written word. There are other skills to help get your message out to social media. But having writing skills is vital. Also, with writing skills, you can learn to be an excellent copywriter. Learn how to pair captions with business images to tell a story and connect with the audience in the current times. A writer can find ways to communicate in writing to different audiences. Also, as you communicate with the executives, it comes in handy. Having the ability to articulate yourself clearly in emails, presentations, and strategies gives a lasting impression. Resources to improve your writing include Grammarly and Hemmingway editor, among many others out there.

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To sum up, many other social media skills are vital. But the above is a must-have. Also, you can learn others including, creativity, organization, efficiency, digital and traditional marketing, data analysis skills, among others. The social career path needs continuous learning, and you need to improve in every stage. Thus, consider the weaker skills you have, and develop them to be better. Once you master them, you open doors to the next move of your career. Therefore, work on all your skills to be better. As a result, you see an improvement in managing your social media platforms.

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