Instagram Story Viewer Hacks: Tools and Techniques You Need to Know

Share status updates using Notes.

In the communications inbox, notes are 60-character postings that can be placed next to profile pictures.

You can decide whether to share notes with all of your followers or just the people on your chosen list of Close Friends when they appear in the inboxes of your followers. Notes responses show up as DMs, and they last for 24 hours.

The new function is a fantastic opportunity to express your timely ideas, interact with others, and find out what others are saying.

Make a collection of posts you’ve saved.

Instagram offers the opportunity to save or save particular posts in collections that you make, in addition to allowing you to browse all of the posts that you have liked.

To begin, navigate to your profile, hit the “Settings” button in the top-right corner of the screen, and then choose “Saved”:

Instagram settings of a user to locate stored posts

Next, click “+” to give your new Collection a name. Instagram settings of a user to locate stored posts

Select photographs from your “Saved” section before clicking “Next”.

Instagram settings of a user to locate stored posts

Tap the bookmark symbol below the post you want to add to save images for later collections, as illustrated below:

economize for future acquisitions Then, repeat the preceding steps to return to your saved pictures.

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When viewing the photographs you’ve saved, choose the Collection you wish to add them to and press “Add to Collection.” Any saved photo can then be added from there.

Create Stories Highlights to display Stories for an extended period of time.

Similar to Snapchat, updates to your story only remain visible to your followers for a 24-hour period. However, there are occasions when a narrative merits more time to be conveyed.

This is where Instagram’s tales Highlights feature, which enables you to keep tales collectively on your profile page, comes in. This explains what that “New” button with the “+” icon underneath your profile photograph is for those who have ever been curious.

You can choose any number of previous stories in your album by tapping this New option to create a Stories Highlight:

Give it a name and a cover photo after which it will appear on your profile page as its own Instagram Story. By tapping this tale while holding on the button, you may always delete the Stories Highlights.

Sort the highlights from Instagram Stories.

Your Instagram feed’s Highlights serve as your brand’s portfolio; you may use them to show off new goods or services, highlight your company’s principles, or organize the numerous subjects you commonly post about.

For instance, The North Face uses its Highlights section to draw attention to a number of projects that are significant to the company, including sections for “Summit Series,” “Explore Fund,” “XPLR Pass,” “Pride,” and “Athletes.”

You should make sure your first five highlights are the ones you’re most pleased of since users can only see those five when they visit your profile. Simply use this approach to accomplish this:

  1. 1. Click “Edit Highlight” when the slide-up shows after holding down the highlight you want to move to the top of this list.
  2. 2. Next, locate a picture or video that you want to include in the highlight. (Don’t worry, you can delete this in 30 seconds, so there’s no need to select one that will remain highlighted.)
  3. change the highlight. In the top right corner, press the “Done” button.
  4. Your Highlight will now be at the top of the list. Follow the directions above and just uncheck the box next to the image you just added to remove it. The opening of the Highlight reel will still have your highlight.
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Bonus Tip – Gramvio Instagram story Downloader

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Steps to download instagram stories:

  • Open Instagram
  • Copy link of your favourite instagram story
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Instagram is one of the most entertaining (and aesthetically pleasing) social media apps available, but I may be biassed. And now that you know these tips, you can use it even more effectively.

Additionally, a lot of these capabilities might improve the Instagram presence of your company. With this knowledge, you may utilise the app more effectively, ensure that only the photographs that you want to appear on your profile are tagged with you, and find new methods to interact with the people you want to be discovered by.

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