How Do You Make Local Awareness Using Facebook Post Reach Ads

How Do You Make Local Awareness Using Facebook Post Reach Ads

Every local business out there has a unique story. You can use Facebook Ads to spread awareness about your local business story using Facebook ads. The key here is to target the right people at the right time using facebook local awareness ads.

Whether you are thinking to promote a local store or planning to spread awareness of your business. Facebook local awareness ads can help your business. Make sure to design the Ads creative properly, check this out to know more about Facebook post designer.

You can use the Facebook Reach Ads to let the audience know about your upcoming sales and offers of your store or business. Try to make the ads engaging by adding time-sensitive events, like happy hour sales or any special offer, this makes the ads shareable.

Follow these 3 steps For running Successful Facebook Awareness Ads for your business.

1. Follow Facebook Guidelines and Recommendations For Reach Ads

When you are running the Reach Ads make sure the formatting of your ads matches the Facebook guidelines. Always pay attention to the structure of the Ads.

Things to check while formatting the Ads

  • Does it fit the optimizations ratios recommended by Facebook?
  • Make sure you don’t have too many characters in your Ad text.
  • Always make sure your image resolution size has to be the highest.
  • File Type: JPG or PNG
  • Image Ratio: 1.91:1 to 4:5
  • Resolutions: Highest Available
  • Text limits – 125 characters
  • Headline – 25 characters with links
  • Link Descriptions – 30 characters
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2. You need to Optimize & Run Read Ads for Awareness

To optimize an Ad, you need to first make the Ads engaging. Once your Ads are engaging they will be automatically optimized by Facebook bots as it receives more traffic. But you need to get the creativity and the text of ads right to drive traffic.

Example: There were many marketers at Canadian news companies, who wanted to increase their awareness about their new data plan and target few family-oriented audiences from the Facebook platform. If you want to know more about this click here.

They used the most famous method which includes the “Learn More Button” known as the CTA button. This button is the most important button for building traffic and customers. It helps to attract more people to visit your offer/website.

This increases the engagement of your ads and in the backend and ads, manager bots recognize the value of the ads. They start storing this data for retargeting purposes and also allot better ranking to optimize your ads and budget.

You need to use the CTA button which drives customers to your website to understand more about your offers. Once you have some data of the customer who visited your ads before you can retarget them.

Before you try to sell your offer give any freebies to increase the awareness of your local business and offers using the reach and re-targeting ads.

3. Experiment with the CTA Button to Run Well Optimized Ads

As we all know ads take time to show results and give targeted leads and drive customers to your business. But if you get the ads right the leads will come for sure.

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You need to experiment with the CTA button with different parameters of the CTA Ads to see what’s working for your business. There are many outcomes of the CTA button, some of them are listed below.

  • Get Directions – If you are planning to increase awareness about your local store gets the direction that has to be your Call to action button. This is going to help you to increase foot traffic to your business store.
  • Call Now – Think of this as the call now CTA button as building your customer relationships. This kind of call to action is going to help your business to facilitate sales conversations.
  • Send Message – This is where the users are going to click to send a direct message to your business. This is perfect for lead generation ads.
  • Learn More – If you directly want your audience to land on your website or the landing page then this is the CTA that you will have to use.

Bottom Line

Every business out there takes time, energy and patience to show some growth so do Facebook retargeting ads. You need to keep experimenting with the CTA button to see the maximum reach and engagement coming to your Ads. Where you get the maximum response, scale up those Ads and hence your business will see steady growth surely if you follow the above tips correctly.

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