5 Best Free Websites To Extract Text From Image Online

5 Best Free Websites To Extract Text From Image Online

In various professional sectors, there is a frequent requirement to pull out text from images. This has led to the emergence of several no-cost online tools designed to make this process more straightforward. The focus of this article is to highlight five exceptional websites offering free services to convert images into text.


The Premier Choice for Image to Text Conversion: OnlineOCR

OnlineOCR stands out as the best option for converting images to text for free. This image to text converter supports a variety of file formats and languages, enhancing its versatility significantly.

Why OnlineOCR Tops the List

OnlineOCR excels due to its straightforwardness and efficiency. In the process of converting images to text on this platform, users will find the procedure both quick and efficient. The website consistently delivers results of excellent quality. Its design is straightforward and user-centric, focusing on providing a smooth and pleasing experience for all its users.

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Simplicity at Its Best with i2OCR

The i2OCR service is known for its straightforward interface, simplifying the task of pulling text from images.

The Edge of i2OCR

A significant highlight of i2OCR is its emphasis on user convenience. This website guides its users in a simple three-step process. Initially, the user uploads the image. Then, they choose the language they need. Finally, the site performs the text conversion. The reliable performance in extracting text, combined with the fact that it doesn’t ask users to sign up, makes it a top choice for fast and effective conversions.


Beyond Text Extraction: Online-convert

Online-convert goes beyond basic text extraction, offering a versatile online conversion utility. It allows for converting images to text and provides other conversion choices for audio, video, and documents.

What Makes Online-convert Unique

Online-convert’s broad range of conversion tools is its unique selling point. Although it focuses on OCR capabilities, it also offers the convenience of having diverse conversion tools in one location. Its user-friendly nature and no need for software installation add to its appeal.


Accuracy and Speed with PrePostSeo

PrePostSeo is renowned for its precise text extraction capabilities. It employs advanced OCR technology to ensure high accuracy, even when dealing with images of lower quality.

Selecting PrePostSeo

The main attraction of PrePostSeo is its blend of efficiency and precision. The platform is well-suited for professional contexts where accuracy is critical. It accommodates various image formats and provides a seamless extraction process.


Edit While You Extract with OCR2Edit

OCR2Edit is particularly noted for its editing features. Post text extraction from an image, this platform allows users to edit the text directly on the site.

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Editing Made Easy with OCR2Edit

This capability to edit the extracted text on the website itself renders OCR2Edit an excellent choice for those needing immediate text adjustments. It offers basic editing tools and it is intuitive, suitable enough for beginners and professionals alike.


Is it needed to install software to use these websites? 

No, these platforms are accessible online and do not require any software installations.

Is it possible to extract text from handwritten images? 

While some platforms may have limited ability in recognizing handwritten text, it’s advisable to check each website for specific functionalities.

How safe is it to upload sensitive images for text extraction? 

These websites typically ensure user privacy, but it’s always prudent to review their privacy policies when handling sensitive information.

Are there restrictions on the image size or format? 

Specific limitations regarding image size and format vary by website. It’s recommended to consult the respective site’s guidelines for detailed information.

Can text be extracted in languages other than English? 

Yes, the majority of these platforms support text extraction in multiple languages.

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