Managing your first trimester: Explained by the best Gynecologists in Delhi

Managing your first trimester: Explained by the best Gynecologists in Delhi

Being happy is the very first thing to do as soon as you become sure that you are pregnant. It is a blessing to bring a new life into this world, and you have been chosen for it. Secondly, it is important to stay in a positive mood because it affects the health of your baby. 

Although it is not practically possible to safeguard yourself against every minor complication, here we discuss some of the things you must and mustn’t do that can be greatly impactful. And these are the things that some of the best gynecologists in Delhi suggest too, so read till the very end. 

The Do’s and Don’ts to Follow

The Do’s

  • Do Eat Well and Healthy

You are not eating for two people, contradicting the old saying, but you definitely need more fuel now to power your body’s mechanical system and for it to function well. You will need to eat comparatively more lately during your pregnancy, but there is no such need to do it in the first month of pregnancy. 

You must focus on eating quality and healthy foods instead of just increasing the quantity and calorie intake. Limit your exposure to chemically treated foods and opt for more organics. Eat different natural colors of fruits and veggies, and do take your multivitamins. 

  • Do Take Enough Rest

You will start to feel more tired than usual because your body needs rest and sleep. This is because your body is going through changes, and there is a massive hormonal imbalance at this stage that affects not only the body but also the mind. 

Fix your sleep schedules to get straight eight to nine hours of good sleep, and later during the coming months, also take naps throughout the day. You will feel your body needs more rest as you will move forward in your months.

  • Do Workout 

Regular workouts from the first month of pregnancy can help women combat hormonal imbalances, mood swings, unwanted weight gain, and increased focus. You can get in touch with your gynecologist and get a custom suggestion on what workout routine would suit you. It can be walking, yoga, gym, anything. 

The Don’ts

  • Don’t Smoke or Consume Alcohol

Even the tiniest bit of alcohol or smoking is not safe for your baby. Smoking increases the chances of miscarriages, and the babies born have a higher probability of getting birth defects and disabilities. Alcohol, on the other hand, can lead to nervous system problems and also deformities in the face of your newborn. 

  • Don’t Eat Raw Eggs or Raw Meat

Eating raw eggs or meat can lead to the contracting of listeriosis and toxoplasmosis in women. So, you must not consume these items raw from the very beginning of your pregnancy. Make sure it is fully cooked and heated before consuming, as heat kills all bacteria. 

  • Don’t Overtake Caffeine

Caffeine in large amounts can affect your baby’s heart rate and lead to several complications. You must be feeling very tired, and caffeine might seem like the only cure, but it is not. One cup a day during the first few months is considered okay, as per research, but not more than that.

FAQ: Is Overeating Okay in the First Few Months of Pregnancy?

Overeating is not needed and must be avoided at all costs during the first trimester at least. It can lead to unwanted weight gain, and your child will be at a higher risk of being obese all through his life. You must eat to the extent you feel full and thereafter stop. However, it is okay to eat more during the second and third trimesters as your body needs nutrition.

In Conclusion!

The list of do’s and don’ts is not here to scare you but rather to help you make a wise choice during this time. And the most important thing to do is to take care of yourself in whatever ways are needed. Ask for help in daily tasks that now feel difficult, and do not force anything on your body. 


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