Why is Banarasi Saree so much liked by every Indian Woman ?

Every Indian woman loves to wear Banarasi saree on every Indian occasion or a wedding. In Indian attire it is a symbol of elegance and beauty. Banarasi sarees have always been everyone’s favorite Indian wear.  Ladies of every age, belonging to different religions and from different states love to wear Banarasi Silk Saree collection on any Indian occasion or wedding.

Despite being the most famous traditional outfit Banarasi saree can never be out of fashion it has always been the first choice for any wedding.  A variety of Banarasi Sarees are available in different textures and colors. City of Banaras is a holy city which is mainly related to production of Banarasi sarees in India. There are small weavers  and Banarasi silk sarees manufacturers in Banaras which make these designer and expensive sarees

Popular variety of Banarasi sarees

There are many varieties of Banarasi sarees available in the market and online but some of them are really popular and are worn by women on Indian occasions and weddings. Some of these famous varieties are pashmina Banarasi, Tanchoi Banarasi, traditional Banarasi and korial Benarasi.

Korial Banarasi sarees

It originated from the word korra which means without any spot. Kora word refers to the color white. Korial Banarasi sarees are very popular in West Bengal and generally worn on wedding days of women in West Bengal. It has a red color border and a designer Anchal. This is considered the best of and perfect traditional wear in West Bengal for married women. It has plain white color as a whole with a red border or Orange border and designer Aanchal or pallu design with all embroidered with golden thread.

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Pashmina Banarasi saree

Pashmina Banarasi saree is everyone’s favorite saree. It is the most famous type of Banarasi saree. Most women have this type of Banarasi saree in their wardrobe. It has golden work entirely on the saree. It comes in different colors such as green, red, blue, Orange, yellow, purple it comes in solid color as well as with a mixture of two to three colors. Color plays a very crucial role in Indian weddings and most of the women prefer red and orange coloured pashmina Banarasi saree on their wedding day.

Traditional Banarasi saree

This is the most famous and oldest type of Banarasi sarees which is most famous among the brides of India. This is a traditional attire worn by Indian women on the wedding day. This saree is a traditional wear in South India. It has pure silk and Georgette work done on it. The city of Banaras is the main hub of production of Banarasi saree.

Tanchoi Banarasi saree

Tanchoi is the weaving method by which Banarasi sarees are made. It has 6 colors of thread which are often used to make sarees by weaving these silk threads. Small factories of weavers at present in which these sarees are made the small weaving pattern over the fabric and hand stitched flowers. The main design which is made on this type of sarees are peacock and Sun. This saree has a vast craze for formal occasions, weddings and festivals.

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