5 Most Efficient Ways To Transport Bike Anywhere

5 Most Efficient Ways To Transport Bike Anywhere

Cycling has multiple health benefits and has a fun and engaging twist to it. One of its most popular and appreciated services is that it helps cyclers to stay in shape. For some reason, you may want to transport your bike to another region. Doing this might be a bit tough, especially when you haven’t tried it before.  You may want to try riding your mongoose bike on totally different terrain and see how it all goes.

Your mode of transportation for the entire process is essential. Here are some of the most efficient ways to transport your bike anywhere.

1.  Use Your Car

Vehicles happen to be among the most typical means of transport in the world. Things aren’t any different when it comes to bike transportation from one place to another. The best part about using your car as a means of transport is that there are other options at your disposal. First, you could opt to pack it inside your vehicle if it’s spacious enough to accommodate it.

However, no car is big enough to accommodate a full bike without first disassembling it. Unless you opt for a car mount for bike, things won’t be as smooth. If you wish to use the trunk or the back seat, remove the pedals and wheels to avoid any damages.

The second option is to use a roof rack. Shop online thoroughly to land those with the best features on the market. There are three types of roof racks on the market that could benefit your bike transportation venture. The hitch rack, trunk rack, and roof rack are available and are designed to suit the needs of different types of vehicles.

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2. Disassemble Your Bike

It may sound so involving and time-consuming, but the end justifies the means. A mountain bike is already too bulky to figure out how to transport in one piece. As much as disassembling your bike seems like such a waste of time, it does come along with numerous benefits.

For instance, you are guaranteed to arrive at your destination safely without a scratch or gross damage to your bike. It’s a safer tip considering you’ll have to place the parts in the back seat’s safety or the trunk. Another benefit you’re assured of is that your bike won’t fall prey to bad weather. The weather might change in the course of your trip, and your bike will not be affected in any way.

While you’re at it, be careful not to do it on your own if you’re a first-timer. Seek help from an expert who has handled bikes long enough to know every detail about them. Another vital factor to look into is your box of tools. Disassembling won’t be such a straightforward task when you use all the wrong tools. Worse still, misusing the right tools won’t yield any results to write home about.

Disassembling might be a delicate option for those with brand new mountain bikes. You may have spent a fortune and wouldn’t want every penny to go down the drain courtesy of a mistake you can avoid.

Transportation By Plane

3.  Transportation By Plane

If you’re looking to try out something new with your bike, transportation by air is a welcome idea. It’s a serene and less congested method of transport and also very fast. For this venture to be successful, you’ll need big boxes to accommodate the parts of your bicycle. It’s not possible to fly a full bike from one point to another.

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While transporting your bike by plane, you could choose one of three options to keep your bike parts safe and fully functional. A cardboard bike box, hard case, and plastic bike bag are available, and each depends on factors such as your financial capability.

Of the three, the hard case is said to be the most expensive, mostly because of the material used in its manufacture. It’s highly durable and hardly gets worn out even after multiple bike transportation episodes. You can rent one if buying seems a bit too expensive for your pocket on the bright side. Meanwhile, the cardboard box is the most affordable of the three, and you can even get it free when you purchase your bike.

The plastic bike bag is also advantageous because the maximum number of times to use it is ten. It’s one of the last options to settle for, especially if yours is a new bike and wouldn’t want to expose it to unsafe conditions.

4. Use Roof-mounted Racks

If disassembling seems too tiresome, organize for a roof-mounted rack for your bike. Here, you’ll only need to follow the right procedures to install your bike correctly. This option is advantageous since you can carry as many as four bikes at a go. However, this move depends on the size and model of your car. Another benefit of the roof-mounted racks is that you won’t have to worry about misplacing a part of your bike.

You only have to be extra careful when mounting your bike on the roof and dismounting it when you arrive.

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Use Roof-mounted Racks

5.   Get a Multi-purpose Roof Rack

This works in case you’re not sure whether your bike will fit on the roof rack. A multipurpose roof rack is a must-have for all bicycle lovers passionate about trying out something new. Shop online from the myriad of enticing options for an unforgettable bike transportation experience.

Get a Multi-purpose Roof Rack

Final Thoughts

Transporting your bike from one place to another without riding it has never been so exciting. It’s now possible to take your bike out for a spin, even in the mountains.


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