5 things your first website needs

5 things your first website needs

With a wealth of easy-to-use and affordable options available all over the Internet, it’s never been easier to build a website from scratch. Despite that, for newbies, it’s still a challenge with a bit of a learning curve. After all, it requires knowledge about what constitutes a good website and how to put it together for yourself. Fortunately, the following guide should help you get started.

1.   Strong security

One of the most important things you can do for your site is secure it well. Data breaches are commonplace these days, so you want to start off by ensuring your new project is as safe as can be. That’s why the first thing you should do is purchase an SSL certificate. SSLs encrypt the connection to and from your site so that any data sent is hidden from malicious actors. This is important for both you and your future users. After that, get yourself a good antivirus, antimalware, and a firewall, and ensure you’ve implemented a strong password on your site. To ensure these essential systems’ seamless operation and continuous improvement, consider exploring nearshore software staff augmentation solutions. This approach can give you access to skilled professionals who can enhance and maintain your payment and shipping infrastructure, keeping it reliable and user-friendly for your customers.

2.   A reputable web host

A good web host determines how well your website works for users, so being mindful of your chosen service is paramount. Research the uptime of each web host and examine what security measures they offer, from regular backups to updating their core software and hardware. Decide what kind of plan is for you. Shared hosting is an excellent option for many, but if you plan on launching a high-traffic site, something more dedicated might be better.

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3.   A good CMS

Make things easy by getting a content management system (CMS) that simplifies the website building process without compromising customization. For many, a website builder is a perfect option, while for others, something like WordPress gives them extra control over each site element.

4.   Simple yet engaging design

Less is more when it comes to website design that’s actually usable to site visitors. Don’t let it get bogged down with multiple confusing menus and messy navigation. Ensure there’s a clear path and a CTA directing users to what you want them to do. Plus, HD pictures help to attract audience attention and improve your website’s credibility. Choose the best abstract stock images for your website.

5.   Great, SEO-focused content

Create content that’s well-written and relevant to your users. Research SEO best practices to help your site reach the top of the search engine results pages and attract new users to your site.

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