5 Useful Ways to Reuse an Old Router

5 Useful Ways to Reuse an Old Router

The first scenario is that you happen to have an old router and still want to make it work by accessing IP that big companies like Huawei use, then your problem will be solved in this article (https://routerlogin.one/192-168-8-1/). The second scenario is that you are planning to replace your router with a new one having the latest technology and great features, but are confused about what to do with the old one, neither do you want to throw them away nor do you want to be outdated and use obsolete technology, so here are various alternatives to reuse your old router in the best possible way. You will be surprised to know that your old router can have multiple uses.

But before that, let’s look at what and how a router works to understand its alternative use better. A router is a device that routes and passes your internet connection to all other devices. It is connected to a modem through a cable that allows it to receive and transmit information from and to the internet.

A router is connected to a modem to access the internet so that a router can give internet access to many other devices connected to it.

1. Build a Guest Wi-Fi Connection:

Many routers do not have In-build secured guest mode in their router, which means your guests may have access to other connected devices when they get access to your internet connection through Wi-Fi. Still, here an old router can save you and become your hero; you can set your old router to work and use it as a guest Wi-Fi.

You may set up to give different passwords for guests, or you can also set it up in such a way that no password is needed by your guest at all. Your old router connects to your protected network and gives access to other devices, which can be used as a guest Wi-Fi Connection for outsiders with whom you don’t want to share your information.

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2. Build a Wireless Repeater:

You can also use our old router to extend the range of connectivity of your new router many times, and you will notice that your Wi-Fi signal is very weak in some parts of your house. In contrast, in some parts, you might feel it gives excellent strength, but you can’t always stay near your router to get a full network.

Here the role of an old router comes in, and your old router, which might be kept in your cupboard uselessly, can be put to work. You can extend the network coverage area of your router by setting up your old router at the edge of the router’s range. This way, it can be used to strengthen your network and widen its reach, and now you can just sit back at any corner of your house and relax.

3. Router Converted into Radio Streamer:

One simplest yet interesting use of your old router is converting it into an internet radio streamer. You can easily convert your router into your internet radio with a few other types of equipment.

You can listen to your favourite radio station anytime and can just chill. Along with your router, you will need a few other software, a microcontroller, a tuner, and a USB soundcard. This idea might sound like a nerd for an amateur, but you will absolutely love the outcome once it is set properly.

4. Convert Into Wireless Bridge:

In this changing environment of technology, wireless is in trend; it’s easy to access. Everyone has liked mobility so that you might bring in home a wireless router, but you still have devices that need to be connected through ports and wires.

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You need not worry. We have come up with a solution, and you already have your old router. And it’s time to brush off your skill and create a wireless bridge with the help of your old router. This will reuse your old router and is also considered inexpensive.

The old router can be connected to a Wi-Fi network, and then other devices can be easily connected with its ports, and it can act as an excellent wireless bridge.

5. Network Switch Device:

A network switch is a device having multiple ports to connect various other devices that need to be connected to your router. A router generally provides five to six ports for connecting devices that need an ethernet connection. Still, you might need to connect other devices using ethernet, and for this purpose, you can simply go to the market and spend a huge amount in buying network switch devices, or you can utilise your old router and use it as a network switch.

But before you convert your old router to a network switch, do not forget to disable the wireless network of your old router to avoid conflict with other wireless devices. Connecting your old router will instantly increase the number of ports available for use.

These are a few great ways to reuse your old router. Your router is never a waste. With time, new technology is introduced, and that’s why people prefer to buy updated technology, but that doesn’t mean throwing away your old devices. It can be put to use in many different ways with little knowledge and little effort. You can always reuse it. A router is just an electronic device that connects a computer and other electronic devices to the internet.

Before throwing away your old gadgets and equipment, visit us to know its multiple uses and save your money by putting your devices to work.

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