5 Ways to Make More Money with Your Mobile App Reseller Program

5 Ways to Make More Money with Your Mobile App Reseller Program

Have you ever wondered why mobile app development processes are becoming popular among people all over the world? In the past few years, mobile app development has become a booming industry. As a result, many companies and brands have been involving mobile applications in their plans to reach potential customers and target audiences.

If your prospective clients want a mobile application, they would want it from you instead of looking elsewhere. So, becoming a mobile application reseller is the best opportunity for you to gain a competitive advantage over other agencies. Well, mobile applications are the selling channels for companies who want to maximize their user experience. Yes, they are not a choice but a necessity. However, startups and newly-established companies might have a limited budget for designing and developing a smartphone application. They can develop cost-effective applications within a Reseller program and contribute to mobile transformation.

Mobile app reselling is the process of creating an application and earning money by selling them. By having a place in a reseller program, businesses can earn income by selling applications. Within reselling, they can create an infinite number of applications that are compatible with both Android and IOS, and then can resell them.

Ways of making money through app reseller programs 

1) By building a website 

It is unthinkable for any business to promote digital marketing without having a functional website. Businesses cannot make money without a website. Without this, no one knows whether your product exists or not. Modern website-building platforms make it feasible and cost-effective for anyone to design and host a professional-looking website.

The best platforms for building a website 

Strikingly – Strikingly helps you in focusing and building a one-page website. With the availability of various templates and the capability of adding and removing sections, this platform provides customization according to the requirements and specifications of clients.

WordPress – Many websites use WordPress for the content management system. Additionally, WordPress also offers a website builder with hosting. You get access to thousands of website templates and the ability to customize your website.

Whether you decide to build a website yourself or use a website builder platform, it is pivotal for your website to look professional. Aside from that, a well-designed application should include ‘ your offer, about section, pricing, examples and customer testimonials, contact information, and lead capture form.

2) By carrying Search engine optimization practices 

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways for businesses to earn money with an online presence. However, SEO is not only about writing content with appropriate keywords. It is also about generating links and being visible for local queries.

Generating backlinks from other websites require more exertion but It becomes easier if you build a good level of the content catalog.

– Get the business listings

– Ask your clients to either add a link on your site or their website.

– Identify and contact the influencers of your industry through blogs and social media platforms.

3) In-app monetization 

Launching an enthralling and unique application that users fall in love with is a part of creating a successful application. The next crucial step is to make money with the right app monetization strategy. App monetization is how a user base can be benefitted by earning money from the application. The strategies for achieving this are varied including paid applications, in-app purchases, advertising, and various other options.

Whether you want to monetize an application for the first time or looking to optimize the revenues of a successful application, the latest app monetization strategies will help you achieve your goals. Always have a great idea about which monetization strategy or combination of strategies is best for your application.

4)  Choose a differentiator 

Below a shadow of any doubt, competition is unavoidable. The businesses that start unique in the market soon find their competitors in the same market. So, there is an immense need for businesses to work as differentiators. They should identify what makes them and their businesses different from other app development companies and app developers.

What to consider in your competitors?

– Do they offer different packages? And if so, what do those packages include?

– What is the pricing structure?

– Do they offer premium features with their products?

– Is there any form of after-sales support?

Compare this with your products and services and highlight what makes you different than them. Rank them according to what positive benefit they bring to your potential customers. The only thing that offers the most benefit to your customer is the differentiator. The crucial factors to consider while evaluating your differentiator include

– Is it valuable for potential customers?

– Is it true? Neither come up with anything negative nor resort to negative marketing by lying about your competitors.

– Is it provable? There is an immense need for the differentiator to be demonstrably true.

Once a differentiator is established, always ensure that it features prominently in all the promotional materials of your sales. This is what sets you apart and allows you to stand out from your competition.

5)  Long term marketing to make money 

Long-term marketing is highly interlinked to the overall success of your business. While short-term marketing brings new clients, long-term marketing brings new clients and also keeps the existing clients on board.

Always know what kind of content and strategies are appealing to your audience. There is no need to persistently re-optimize your older content. But your new content should always consider new trends and keywords within the industry. But never allow for keyword stuffing or lack of keywords. Regular and long-tail keywords should always appear in your content naturally.

If you want your business to succeed, you need to set benchmarks. But the only way to do that is to set benchmarks and work hard to attain each of them, Commence by setting goals for every month and then break them down into sales goals for every weak. Once you start attaining your goals continuously, keep increasing them and let yourself grow.


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