What Are The Top Mobile App Security Threats?

What Are The Top Mobile App Security Threats?

Almost every other individual has a smartphone in the present day. And for every single task to be performed on the smartphone, one needs an application. But, what if we tell you that many of the applications that you use are not safe? According to the data, everyone in 36 phones contains applications with high risks of getting hacked.

In the worst-case scenario, imagine downloading an app and all your data getting hacked. Well, this is the bitter truth, that many apps which you download are not secure. It has become quintessential for app developers to follow the security protocols and meticulously develop these apps.

Hackers have become very creative in hacking the apps and accessing the personal information of the users. This calls for the need to opt for a trusted mobile app development company Toronto. We at, CS Web Solutions, understand the need for reliable mobile app development Toronto for the users to eliminate any threats. Hence, we offer android and iOS app development Toronto, making the process seamless for you. Alongside, we also ensure the complete security of the application for user satisfaction.

Mobile app security: Definition

It is defined as the process through which the mobile applications are secured from external threats. These can be digital frauds, spyware, malware, and other risks to the user’s financial and personal information.

A key reason behind this is the organizations offering the applications have a low budget, following which they tend to ignore the application security. But, such weak applications can lead to disastrous results for the company.

We as a mobile app development company Toronto, ensure that the applications are safe and eliminate any hurdles that come in the way.

Mobile app security threats

Mobile app security threats

Mobile applications are mainly developed to provide the users with a seamless experience and make the tasks easier for them. Moreover, several anti-virus applications can be installed which serve as protection from harmful networks and servers. However, there are still many threats that exist for mobile applications and must be taken care of. These include:

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Absence of multifactor authentication:

Many app developers tend to use similar passwords for several apps. This causes a major threat to the security of applications and other elements alongside. If by any chance, a hacker, get the password for a certain app of the organization, they will be able to gain access to all other applications, thereby stealing all the data. This is surely a big loss and threat.

To prevent this, multifactor authentication comes as a saviour. The app developers must integrate a triple layer authentication, including biometrics, security question, and others, to avoid hacking.

It’s all the more easy to hack your mobile when it’s lost. If a hacker finds your phone, your data will be accessed in no time. To avoid that, you can use call my phone to find your lost phone in a jiffy. You can dial your phone from your laptop or other devices and locate it. The tool is simple and easy to use.

Improper encryption:

It is quintessential that the code is encrypted well. Else, it becomes a joy ride for the hackers to decode it and get all the information and data. This means that when a hacker can decode the data by hacking a mobile phone, they get it easily in the form of plain text without any encryption. You can integrate code theft and privacy policies, to avoid this issue.

A good idea is to opt for reliable companies offering android app development Toronto, as they care about the complete process without causing you much trouble.

Reverse engineering:

It is one of the most common hacking techniques used by hackers. With reverse engineering, hackers are easily able to access the application functions. Following this, at the backend, they can gain access to encryption algorithms, through which they can change the source code and other elements. This not just causes a major threat to the data but to the application as a whole.

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Exposure to code injection:

Many sites and applications allow users to provide their feedback in the form of comments. This is an easy-access way for hackers. Through this, they can inject a malware code into the comments. For example, if your application does not restrict the number of characters in the login form, it becomes a cakewalk for the users to add the code and access the server data.

However, whether it be android or iOS app development Toronto, we ensure that we offer completely secure services to our users.

Data storage:

In many applications, the data is stored in an insecure form through cookies or SQL databases. This can be another major threat to the security of mobile applications. If the hackers are able to access these applications, they can get the complete data and funnel information. This makes it important that the developers follow the right and secure procedures for the development of app cache including images, data, and other information involved.

Best practices to tick off to maintain complete mobile security

If you want to protect your mobile applications right away, here is a list of things to tick off:

  • Opt for multi-factor server-side authentication.
  • Ensure that the mobile app development company Toronto, uses cryptographic algorithms.
  • Validate every input of the code.
  • The developers must build models for threats.
  • Implement code obfuscation techniques.


To summarize, with the constantly evolving digital technologies, the threats are also increasing. This makes it important to opt for security procedures and codes to guarantee the optimum safety of the user’s information. Ensure that you test the mobile application well before putting it out on the platforms. Always choose trusted services for android and iOS app development Toronto.

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