Top 11 Healthcare App Development Companies in USA

Top 11 Healthcare App Development Companies in USA

The healthcare software industry has witnessed a drastic change during the pre and post-COVID era. What used to be a good-to-have experience, whether in the form of virtual doctor consultation, literature review tools, or online prescription management, has today become a must-have on the back of the fact that people are wary of visiting hospitals because of COVID transmissions.

In response to this increased digitalization in the healthcare space, many businesses have or plan to launch their mHealth models, in a way to make the sector more affordable, accessible, and transparent. On the back of this, the global health app development market is on a high. 

In order to be a part of the healthcare revolution, businesses have started turning towards reliable healthcare app development companies – something which can be challenging because of the abundance of options. To make the process easier, we have brought a list of the best healthcare app development companies in the USA for you to choose from. 

In this article, we are going to dive into the 10 go-to healthcare app development companies in the USA. 

Top Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies in USA

1. Ailoitte

Headquartered in India, Ailoitte is a testament of high quality and experience-first service offering. The trusted healthcare app development company in USA comes with a vast experience of building powerful, scalable, and tech-heavy healthcare solutions for both startups and renowned hospital chains. 

Their team of experts ensure that every stage of your healthcare app development process is powered by in-depth understanding of the stakeholders, robust technologies, and future-readiness. An assurance they strengthen through cost-effective, on-time delivery of your products. 

Ailoitte comes with a client base that ranges from doctor teleconsultation, in-hospital apps, and prescription management solutions to apps that connect patients, doctors, hospitals, and vendors in one multi-faceted platform. With time, the team of healthcare app developers has proven that they are best at what they do – delivering high-quality, care-first solutions. 

2. Apzumi

A medical app development company based out of Poland, Apzumi was established in 2013. Its team of creatives and development excerpts come with a range of  skill sets and backgrounds with an expertise to create high-quality digital products.

The agency has worked with numerous startups and large enterprises at the back of a robust and sustainable service guarantee. They can help you build reliable medical software that comes packed with in-trend features and technologies like AI, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud, etc. 

3. Groovy Web

Groovy Web has established itself as the best healthcare app development company across the USA. The firm cokes with an amazing track record of building affordable, robust software for its clients. This has resulted in the fact that a major part of the Groovy Web’s client base is made up of health and care companies. 

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Backed by a vision to create innovative products which power organizations, they have established themselves as the go-to healthcare app development companies in the USA.

4. Altoros Labs

Altoros Labs -a software development company with 350+ experts in 7 global offices. They develop custom healthcare solutions to streamline hospital workflows, increase diagnostics accuracy, and promote preventive medicine. Also the company builds secure and scalable medical mobile applications and software systems. Healthcare app developers at Altoros can help you to process terabytes of data from disparate sources and extract valuable insights.

Altoros Labs is a company providing custom software development services for healthcare organizations looking to provide uninterrupted care through remote patient monitoring, predictive maintenance of medical equipment, etc. Utilizing connected devices coupled with cloud-native technologies, doctors can remotely monitor patient health status and medication intake, control dosage, etc.

5. iTechArt

Falling in the list as one of the best healthcare application development company in the USA, iTechArt comes with a reputation for creating digital projects with market and technical expertise. 

No matter what project size they are working on, the iTechArt team ensures that they are following all the compliances like HIPAA, HL7, etc. and are following high security standards.

Till date, the agency made up of 3500 multi-background creatives and techies, have worked on a range of projects including large-scaled organizations to new-gen startups. 

6. App Maisters

App Maisters is a healthcare mobile application development company headquartered in Texas. It comes with the experience of creating high-quality, technology powered solutions that make the healthcare sector more efficient. 

The healthcare application development services that App Maisters offer has found them clients in startups, government agencies, and enterprises. These wide range of sectors trust them with their healthcare software needs because of timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, and security-focus agile development approach. 

7. Octal IT Solution

With a strong physical presence in the USA, UK, India, and Singapore, Octal IT Solution has established itself as one of the top healthcare app developers on a global scale. The firm is well-established for creating a range of healthcare solutions that impacts all the stakeholders of the ecosystem. 

With a client base operating in both startups and Fortune-500 bands, Octal IT Solution has gathered an understanding of the different requirements and development approaches. 

The organization’s development team is known for keeping themselves updated on all the latest trends in the healthcare space – a skillset they use to create strong clientele around the globe.

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8. Table XI

Table XI is an established healthcare app development company that operates on its 16 years of development experience. An experience that has made them a pro in creating healthcare solutions for multiple platforms like smartphones, websites, wearables, and in-hospital devices. Their key USP lies in the fact that they spend a lot of time with you in the ideation phase itself – something that ensures you are setting the foundation for a future-ready application. 

Even though they follow a lean team approach where they have employed only 35 employees, Table XI has proved time and again that strength lies in the quality of work they do and not the number of resources they have. A proof of which lies in how they never fail to build projects within the client’s pre-decided deadlines. 

9. Boston Technology Corporation

Boston Technology Corporation is that healthcare software development company which adds value in the healthcare space. They carry the market understanding and skillset to build highly innovative healthcare software ranging from doctor teleconsultation to in-hospital patient care management, etc. 

Since its establishment, the firm has partnered with a range of medical startups and large hospital chains to improve their processes and make patient care experience better.

The BTC team of top healthcare app developers is touted as the top medical app developers. A team that has added the firm in the NC 500/5000 list as America’s fastest-growing private company. 

10. Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs is usually referred to in the digital space as a creative web and mobile application development company that works with the goal to transform app ideas into reality. The apps built by the YML team offer real impact to their clients that range from new-age startups to medical bodies. 

The organization uses its expertise in building software for patients, hospitals, care givers, doctors, and the medical vendors.

11. Iteo

Iteo, an 80 team company has made itself one of the most renowned digital health app development companies in the USA. Every single one of the team members of the firm calls themselves change makers and rightfully so. They have helped the healthcare space get digitalized and become more accessible at the back of products that the team builds. 

Backed up with years of experience and insights into smooth integration of technologies and third-party services, the firm  specializes in building interoperable, connected healthcare solutions. 

So here was the list of the top 10 healthcare app development companies – ones that have been trusted by the US healthcare networks for reliable software creation. And become a part of the market size that is set to reach $299 billion by 2028.  

What makes them unique and a part of our list is the fact that they come with a vast experience in making the healthcare space care-first. 

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