5 reasons a virtual phone system is good for those working from home

5 reasons a virtual phone system is good for those working from home

If you are a remote worker, you still need to stay connected. Whether it be clients, customers, consumers, or bosses, remaining in the loop is key to getting new work, finishing your jobs, establishing long-lasting deals, creating trustworthy relationships, and maintaining reliable communication between businesses.

So – how can you stay in touch while you are working remotely? The answer is easy. By utilizing new technology that allows freelancers and those working from home to keep in touch with their employees and their company, corporations of any size can stay connected without worrying about sending lengthy emails or creating conference calls.

Small business owners everywhere are turning to one solution to help stay in touch with their employees and clients – let’s see what it is and the benefits of using this new technology.

What is a virtual phone number?

Unlike a traditional phone number tied to one location and only landline, a virtual phone number is mobile; it can be used anywhere and everywhere with your account. This means that you can avoid being tied down to conventional phone lines and benefit from the ability to use your virtual phone system anywhere you nee

Instead of having a single phone line and phone number, a virtual phone system can send all the calls that come to your number to wherever you are. Not only does this allow increased flexibility for travel, but it means you can benefit from working remotely, travelling, and staying in touch even when you are out of the office.

For example, if you have your business line as a virtual phone number, customers can dial and reach you by calling your cell phone, home phone, or any other line you chose for enhanced convenience.

When you organize your virtual phone system, the possibilities are endless. You can have a standard set-up with one virtual phone number or a more complex system with multiple phone numbers related to your business.

Furthermore, when you take and make calls, a virtual phone system is easy to use. Just like the traditional phone, with dialing and answering, a virtual phone number can be redirected to any mobile device for you to speak to a client. This enhanced efficiency and ease of use make it simple for new startup companies and entrepreneurs to figure out when opening a company.

What are the benefits of a virtual phone system for your business?

A virtual phone system helps companies stay relevant in the ever-growing network of competitive businesses trying to take your clients and produce the next big thing. To stay relevant and prevent your direct competition from taking your workload and reducing your capital gain, you need to use a virtual phone system to stay connected.

More productivity – anywhere

With a virtual phone system, you and your employees can work from anywhere. Instead of being tied down to one office or needing to work only from one location, you can work from Wi-Fi cafes, remote workplaces, and your own home.

Instead of worrying about missed calls since you are out of the office, you can use the benefit of a virtual phone system, like calls routed to your mobile phone, voicemails delivered to your inbox, and faxes forwarded to your email. This flexibility allows you to travel and not worry about sending ‘out of office’ memos in your emails like times past.

Easily redirect calls if you are busy

Say you are already on another call or you are in an important meeting. In this case, you need to redirect calls without ignoring essential clients. Call screening helps prevent you from missing any critical connections and being overworked by field hundreds of calls during the workday.

Instead of focusing on answering the phone, you can focus on getting your work done where it really matters. All you have to do is answer the phone and choose a screening prompt for the caller. This feature lets you avoid holding a long conversation when you don’t have the time or information to field questions.

Professional appearance to the public

Startup companies and small businesses might not be the most organized. You are getting started with new employees, new goals, and new workloads. However, virtual phone systems can help manage your workload and reduce any unwanted stress in your life.

Business operations won’t be flawless yet, but you can maintain positive public relations appearances by having a virtual phone system give the look of an organized and well-thought-out company. You can choose an office number so clients and business partners can easily connect with you while also setting a traditional greeting for your company.

Growing alongside your company

If you are starting a business, chances are you want to keep growing. No company wants to get one client and then stagnate. Instead, you want to continue moving upwards with the possibilities of your business – and you want your virtual phone system to grow too.

With the right phone system, you can add unlimited extensions, customize your call forwarding messages, and change your message delivery settings to work with your busy schedule.

Enhanced customer service

Business capital and constant cash flow rely on having a good reputation, keeping your customers, and earning new clients. If you do not have high customer satisfaction levels or have high customer ratings online, your business will suffer.

To keep your customer satisfaction as high as possible, you need to invest in features like call handling, built-in calling features, and an office phone number.


As you can see, the benefits of using a virtual phone system are endless. With the ability to use call handling features, growth potential, professional appearances for the public, and enhanced productivity, your small business will benefit from the efficiency of a virtual system.

With easy set-up methods that are simple for entrepreneurs and startup businesses to figure out, companies can quickly install and reap the benefits of using a virtual phone system to enhance their business’ productivity and customer satisfaction levels.


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