6 Advantages of Glass Shop Management Software

6 Advantages of Glass Shop Management Software

In today’s technologically advanced world, different software and apps have revolutionized the way of conducting business. GlassManager is one of such great innovations. Compatible with all operating systems and devices, this management app literally takes care of everything that your business needs for its smooth functioning.

Irrespective of unique business requirements, Glass shop software will help you in managing and coordinating with your clients and agents right through your mobile device. Furthermore, embracing this latest technology will help you in streamlining various activities of your organization at any time and from anywhere.

Nonetheless, this software gives your real-time access to crucial information and keeps you well-connected with your projects as well as your clients. The software comes equipped with smart features that render ultimate flexibility in managing various business operations according to your convenience. Here are six amazing benefits that you can avail by using GlassManager for Glass Shop

Efficient Management

1. Efficient Management

Now, you don’t need to keep a watch over your employees because the GlassManager will do it all. From keeping track of your project’s status to calculating the number of hours your employees have worked, the software gives you a profitable way to run your business efficiently. Moreover, this app allows you to make customized templates for generating invoices and job quotations. The dynamic features are exclusively meant for facilitating the business standards while eliminating the burden of hectic management.

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2.  Reports and Accounting Made Easier

The GlassManager app provides you with a real-time dashboard, with which you can produce reports to analyze your staff productivity. The software also allows you to integrate the enterprise framework with different accounting software that your business is currently using. Therefore, you can now improve your cash flow with a faster billing system. With the Glass shop app, your business will now minimize the use of paper and spreadsheets.

3. Proper Scheduling

When you have the GlassManager, you can schedule the tasks efficiently for your staff and also keep your eye on their progress. It provides calendar views, which further enable you to see upcoming jobs so that you can prepare the necessary materials and assign them to your staff. Moreover, you also get the advantage to create purchase orders for all your vendors. Needless to say, everything becomes quick and hassle-free with this management app.

4.  Automatic Invoicing

The Glass software helps your employees to prepare professional invoices in no time. Thus, material descriptions and staff costs are smoothly captured so that the payments do not get delayed. You can even make multiple transactions and also have a complete view of customer details. All sorts of projects and documents related to your customers can be easily tracked down.

5.  AIA Billing and Management

Once you install the business materials in the GlassManager app, getting quick and direct access to various data, vital details, and pricing information becomes much easier in the time of urgency. Secondly, the app works to incorporate all these details in all your estimates, invoices, etc. and allows you to manage all your AIA projects effectively. You can simply fill up all the necessary forms and accordingly bill your clients. So, there’s no denying the fact that it saves your time and efforts!

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6.    Bottom Line, it’s also an ‘APP’!

The GlassManager Software is also available as a phone application. Guess what? uploading documents, images, and project notes have never been so easy! Your staff is at liberty to log-in via their smartphones from anywhere. Hence, you can now not only track the activities of your staff but also calculate invoices just in one tap. You can schedule the projects and complete the tasks at the right time. You can create accurate estimates for your clients and maintain your budget as well.

This Software is the Future!

The premium glass shop software is the future of conducting business. It has almost everything in it. Right from estimating to managing your field, glass software has it all. The software works intuitively and expedites your business in all possible ways. Apart from all, using this app also curbs the overhead expenses and functional downtime, and therefore, it is an excellent tool for both industry giants and start-ups. GlassManager is hassle-free to use and lets you focus on other important duties and future prospects.

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