6 Essential Tips of Local SEO and List of Management Tools

6 Essential Tips of Local SEO and List of Management Tools


This article will provide you some superb essential tips for Local SEO and list of management tools. Using the internet companies has more options to customize the development of their market.

However, the local SEO strategy needs deliberate efforts demanding a proper set of SEO tools to make your efforts worth it. Local SEO optimizes a business to be found in local search results. It is used to promote and market products and services online.

So below are some local SEO tips and list management tools that are essential for your business.

Some Local SEO Tips

  1. SEO Audit 

SEO Audit

It is the process of observing how your web presence is related to your best practices.

This includes auditing links and authority, local listings, search rankings, and setting up google analytics and hubspot My Business account.

In auditing, you have to check name reach, see the geographical location of your business and also see the city. You have to see the listing of your business and also have to check the data through Competitor analysis.

The purpose of the audit is to recognize as many SEO issues as possible to improve organic search performance.

  1. Have the Knowledge of Using Key Elements of SEO

Using the key elements of SEO like:

  • You have to use proper Keywords.
  • By précising your meta tag
  • Writing short meta descriptions
  • Adding links to your sites, adding alt attributes (images, video, etc.)
  • You should also check the links which you are adding to your site, that they are good links or bad links for your site.

You can also add some good quality content of some valuable subjects whose theme should also be crafted. It is necessary to write 500 words at least for a blog.

  1. Doing On-Page Optimization

Doing On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization is done to improve the website rankings. By using on-page optimization, you can control your website also.

On-page optimization includes keeping track of all local SEO optimization work and providing a well–detailed report at uniform time intervals.

  1. Make Your Advertisements Paid

Generally, with the paid advertisements, marketers pay the owner of ads to provide the ad space. Various methods of paid advertisements are: PPC (Pay-per-click), PPI (Pay-per-impressions), etc.

  1. Start Monthly Local SEO Reporting

Start Monthly Local SEO Reporting

Monthly local SEO reporting is focused on domain metrics, organic traffic, and rankings. The report you get is customizable.

You can also see your site’s top pages and engagement received on your site. It also provides some referrals and also tells about why your traffic channels are sending you the most traffic.

  1. Local citation building and management 

Local citation building and management

Make sure your business information is compatible and correct. It should be related to your business.

You should know where your business should be listed. Use consistent NAP info across all citations. You should provide details for your business. And if possible, you can use a paid data facilitator to help manage your citations.

Some List Management Tools That Are Widely Used 

  1. Whitespark 


It is a popular tool used by many local SEO services and local search marketing. It mainly focuses on citation building, citation audit, rank tracking tools, etc. Furthermore, it provides some tools like:-

(I) Citation Finder: It tracks all citation opportunities that you missed including in your SEO strategy.

(II) Local Rank Tracker: It gives you information about your local SEO performance based on your location.

(III) Reputation Builder: It provides easy Services like SMS or Email to reach your customers for reviews on your site. You can also calculate NPS (Net Promoter Score) to see the score of your customer experiences with your brand.

  1. YEXT


It provides tools on a large scale and it offers many directories to help your business to find the right exposure and also keeps your business up to date. It also provides some tools like:-

(i) Knowledge Manager: It manages answers to all common questions about store hours, location, etc.

(ii) Yext Listings: It updates all your information on social platforms like Facebook, Yelp, etc. You can also update information on HubSpot, Zapier, etc.

(iii) Yext Review: Generates review from customers and then display them on your site. It also offers SEO analytics and GMB listing management tools.

  1. Moz Local 

Moz Local

It simplifies your listing process where you need to update the listing once, and it sends the listing data to all popular search directories. It also gives notification of reviews on any social platform that you want to. You can stay updated with your Google reviews with your GMB account.



It offers a variety of marketing solutions for search engine optimization, paid ads, content generation, social media marketing, and competitive research. It is a mostly used tool especially used by brands such as eBay, HP, and Quora.

  1. Review Tracker

Review Tracker

It is a tool made that is based on customer review and sends alerts regarding customer feedback on various review websites. With the help of review trackers, you can get feedback from customers; can monitor reviews from various sources for e.g. Google, etc. It is used by brands such as Subaru, Midas, and American Family Insurance.

  1. Synup


It is all in one marketing software focused to help in local SEO. This tool helps to manage your listings, monitor your analytics, and create reports. It also provides unlimited listing updates and gives you notification immediately after your reviews have been created about your business.

Synup can crawl up to 200 search engines and directories to match up with speed inconsistencies. It cost $30 per location for the first 25 locations, with the pricing scale down as soon as you add on more locations.

Summing It Up

So you have learned and get known about local SEO tips and some list management tools. These all things will help your business to increase its visibility on Google and thus generate leads and customers which automatically make your business successful.

Author Name: Vanshika Singh

Author Bio: Vanshika Singh is a Web Development and Digital Marketing Intern at Link Building Services, who is also interested in content writing. She specializes in Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, Link Building, Web Development, and PPC.


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