6 fresh email designs to prepare you for the spring season 

Spring season offers the perfect opportunity for email marketers to experiment with their email campaigns and add more personalized content. It is recommended for email marketers to use segmentation strategies based on location to better target customers during this season. Email marketers can use responsive Mailchimp templates to create highly interactive emails to boost their engagement rate during the Spring season. Here are some seasonal spring emails to inspire you. 

6 examples of spring seasons email campaigns 

Spring offers multiple chances to the brands to create email campaigns. This season has near endless observation days and quirky holidays. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Easter, Good Friday, Yoga day, Star Wars day, spring cleaning, the first day of spring, etc., and plenty of other occasions fall during this season. 

  • Levoit’s First Day of Spring

Levoit sells air purifiers and humidifiers, and spring is a great time to advertise their products. They create a soothing email template using the spring color palette that consists of shades of green and brown. The template also has illustrations of leaves and branches that almost blend in with the background color. The advertised product stands out in the template as it is white. The emails copy sets their product as the solution to allergens. Finally, their CTA button is black and perfectly contrasts with the rest of the template.

  • Springtime cleaning with Yelp

Even though springtime cleaning is not an official observance day, people in colder climates traditionally deep clean their houses at the start of the season. Yelp’s seasonal email encourages people to start the cleaning process and offers them their services. The CTA button takes the subscribers directly to the search page of your local businesses that can help you with the deep cleaning. In this example, they are promoting Chicago businesses. As Yelp has used a responsive email template, the location and the link attached to the CTA button will change depending on the location of the subscriber. There are thousands of responsive Mailchimp templates available in their email library. 

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To increase the engagement rate, Yelp has included a home tip to make your springtime cleaning more efficient. Yelp uses a minimalistic email design with white background and a red CTA button. The hero image also shows a person arranging their minimalistic living room. 

  • Apple celebrates Mom’s Day 

The email uses muted colors to look too warm. The design elements and the email copy line up perfectly with the brand aesthetics of Apple. The overall email template looks rather simple. But, as you look closer, you will notice the subtle signs of designing masterstrokes. 

To begin with, the title uses gradient-colored fonts. However, they are not the regular gradient colors that you see in other emails. This is their proprietary color gradient that was recently adopted into their brand aesthetics. As you continue reading the email, you will notice that the background of the blocks matches the products displayed. Even the images on the screens of the devices are color-coordinated. Even in their seasonal email campaigns, Apple’s attention to detail is unmatched. 

  • Email Uplers Easter Egg Hunt

It has become a common trend for brands to use illustrations of eggs and rabbits in their easter email campaigns. Some brands also included witty word-play to grab the subscriber’s attention. Email Uplers takes this up a notch and creates a virtual egg hunt for their subscribers to celebrate Easter. 

Once you find the eggs, a prompt will ask you to crack the eggs for a surprise. Each time you crack an egg, it will display a sweet message with egg puns. The subscribers are sure to be amazed by such an advanced responsive template design which increases the chances of them interacting with your emails in the future. 

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  • Whole Foods spring newsletter

Spring season means that a large variety of food production is now available in the market. Whole Foods uses this opportunity to market its fresh stock. In the newsletter, they included 5 methods to spruce up your spring eating. Each paragraph also has a link that takes you to the Whole Foods website. The CTA button leads you to their blog page, where you can find more tips and ideas for cooking during the season. 

  • May the 4th be with you

Star Wars Day is one of the more unconventional days during the spring season. The day is a play on the famous dialogue “may the force be with you.” If you are thinking about running a special Star Wars-themed email campaign, there is no better time than the spring season. 

The Disney+ Star Wars email is a class apart. They have used a customized background of space with the Millenium Falcon flying around the template. The email then arranges all the Star Wars movies and series in chronological order for an easy viewing experience. 


As the spring season sets in, you need to add some fresh designs and elements to your email templates. The spring season also brings a string of fun and quirk holidays to choose from. It is not necessary to design an email campaign for each holiday, just pick the ones that suit your brand’s purpose and products. Spring email campaigns are sure to grind the creative gears of the email marketers.

Author: Kevin George is the head of marketing at Email Uplers, that specializes in crafting Professional Email Templates, PSD to Email conversion, and Mailchimp Templates. Kevin loves gadgets, bikes & jazz, and he breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on email marketing blog.

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