6 Reasons Why Excel Should Convert to Web Applications

6 Reasons Why Excel Should Convert to Web Applications

C# Excel is a common tool that is used by many companies and organizations to keep track of their business data and finances. It is a highly versatile software for the analysis of numerical data; however, there are many risks when it comes to using Excel and these risks can affect the reliability of any and all information inputted.

With this in mind, many companies are now trying to convert from excel to web database apps to input their data for a safer and more efficient workflow.

1. Easy to Make Mistakes

Excel is a program that can be accessed by multiple people at the same time and can be altered by anyone. With this said, it can consist of incorrect data and formulas that can cause severe errors, especially in the financial departments, and can cost companies billions of dollars.

Converting to web apps would allow the spreadsheet to be more secure and shared freely with organizations without concern that the formulas or data could be written over or deleted, which in turn makes it safer and more efficient to use. It also allows everyone to have their own copies of the sheet, instead of everyone on the same copy and reduces the amount of errors that can happen.

The use of a web application can reduce the amount of mistakes in the documents and make it more accurate.

2. Risk of Copy Confusion

When multiple people and companies can input and amend data in the same spreadsheet, there can be a constant loss of the master copy. People can also have multiple copies of the document, which can have outdated or incorrect information in it. When they hold these incorrect documents and send them to other people or customers, this is referred to as version or copy confusion.

With the use of a web app, the master copy can be hardwired into the application and the data can be saved and shared in a central database. This especially helps to make sure that the information is always correct, up-to-date, and the right copy is always being used. This also ensures that the data is all in one place instead of scattered across multiple people and devices.

The master copy can always be found with the use of a web application and can contain the correct information at all times.

3. Excel Isn’t Always Safe and Secure

Even though it is regarded as one of the colossal software in the industry, it is highly insecure for security reasons. Many people have created security loopholes to access any data in the software, which makes it hard to fully protect any information within. This makes any and all data that is entered unsecured and at risk for inconsistency.

A web app can be used in these situations to help and ensure documents stay hidden and prevent a cyberattack. Companies can use a code and other formats to authorize only certain people to access the documents or only certain levels of it. This makes sure that the document is safe and secure at all times and the information within is not leaked and correct.

Using a web application helps to reduce the amount of security risk to important documents and information.

4. E-Signatures and Approvals

With it being used by many companies today, Excel is not the most proficient workflow management tool. It can be difficult for a user to follow a defined process such as getting approvals or signatures for a document.

Web apps will help with this process as it is formatted to get approvals and signatures, and they can even generate emails to make it more up-to-date.

A web application is more up-to-date and allows for faster sharing and new features such as signature gathering.

5. It is Difficult to Scale

Excel is a manual software that requires the user to input the majority of the data by themselves. This makes it hard to use in a time-efficient manner and makes it harder on growing businesses. The software also doesn’t support real-time data sharing, which makes it harder for companies and teams to work together on a time-sensitive project. Another issue that has arisen is that it takes longer for larger file sizes to load which means that it takes even more time for them to work on projects and to get their tasks done.

The use of a web app would help severely in this situation because many of them are now formatted with real-time data sharing to make it more efficient and faster for teams to get their projects done.

Converting to a web application will help teams and companies complete their work faster and more efficiently with real-time data sharing.

6. Integration isn’t Simple

Excel often requires input and access to other data sources or programs, but the main issue is that the user is having to enter the program by themselves, which is less efficient and wastes time. Copy and pasting the programs can be difficult to do which can lead to more risks and errors.

People can now use a web application that is fitted with programs to enable automation; therefore, the data can be generated by running other programs without the user having to enable them themselves. This greatly helps reduce the amount of errors that can be produced if the user had to enter the programs themselves.

Web applications help with integration and can reduce the errors that can be created by someone inputting the programs themselves.

As it can be seen, web applications can help greatly within companies that still use Excel to ensure that their business holds all of the correct and accurate information that they need to have. The applications help keep up with the information across the company in real-time, hold all the correct information, and make it overall easier to use and in a timely manner.



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