6 Strategies for Maintaining a Healthy Office

6 Strategies for Maintaining a Healthy Office

Creating a healthy workplace for your employees is more important than ever before. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many companies have allowed their workers to continue their careers from home for safety reasons. As the world starts to slowly open back up, many employees that are heading back to the office are concerned with their workplace sanitation.

To ease fears and keep your staff safe from infection, every company will have to take measures to make sure that their office environment is clean and sanitized. The new normal will need to focus on employee health and satisfaction if it is going to be successful.

Stocking up on safety and cleaning supplies from Safety Source is a proactive step. Maintaining social distancing and a clean workspace is going to be a challenge for most companies, but it’s a crucial part of the future of business. Let’s take a closer look at a few strategies for keeping your company office space sanitized and safe.


One of the most effective ways to curb the spread of viruses and bacteria is frequent hand washing or sanitizing. While many employees may bring their own, it’s crucial that your company maintain a full stock of hand sanitizer. Stock the bathrooms and kitchen areas with bottles of sanitizer to be used by all employees. Mounting sanitizer dispensers at all entrances and exits is an effective way to keep employees and guests safe.

Frequently Used Surfaces

Your cleaning schedules may need to be changed to keep an adequately sanitized workplace. Areas that many employees frequently use need to be sanitized regularly. Your copy room, Xerox machine, reception center, and meeting rooms should be wiped down with a sanitizing solution after each use or a minimum of once per day.

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One way to keep your employees safe is to institute a set of rules that helps to keep everyone healthy. Posting signs reminding everyone to wash their hands frequently, use the available sanitizer, and keep their distance from other employees can help to reduce the spread of infection.


If your kitchen doesn’t have a dishwasher, it may be a good investment. Hand washing dishes isn’t always effective in ridding them of bacteria or viruses. Extremely hot water, like that used in a dishwashing unit, can help get your dishes and utensils sanitized.

Non-Essential Areas

If your office suite has complimentary areas like a lounge or a gym, you may want to consider closing them down. Reducing the traffic to these areas can help you to keep your office environment safer.

Shared Workspace

It’s a good idea to eliminate all shared workspaces where an appropriate social distance cannot be maintained. You may have to reconfigure your office set up to accommodate your employees. Desks should be separated by a minimum of six feet and should not face each other. 

Keeping your employees safe as they return to work following the pandemic is a priority. Try some of these strategies to help you maintain a healthy office for the future. 

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