6 Ways To Raise Money For Medical Expenses

6 Ways To Raise Money For Medical Expenses

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a medical emergency or something planned like a scheduled surgery, treatment costs money and if you haven’t been putting money away in an emergency fund or similar, you may find yourself short of cash when it comes to covering the costs. There are ways to raise the money you need though, and we’ll take a look at some ideas in this article.

#1 – Take Advantage Of Your Health Insurance

If you happen to have a health fund, there’s a good chance your insurance will cover at least some of the costs. Depending on your level of health cover, you may even find that your fund will contribute towards the cost of everything involved in your medical treatment. One of the best ways to raise your money for medical expenses, you need to opt for low-cost medicare.
All citizens have access to Medicare as well, so don’t forget to inquire about what might be covered by your Government under the Medicare scheme.

#2 – Get a Loan For Medical Treatment

Medical Loans are one way you can come up with the cash you need. They are particularly useful when you need money quickly. When it comes to Medical Loans, many lenders can help you out with finance, but if your situation is an urgent one, try a private lender for a loan to cover your medical costs. Private lenders are generally faster when it comes to loan approvals and depositing the money into your account.

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Whichever lender you decide to go with, borrowing funds for medical expenses is generally a universally acceptable reason to apply for a loan.

#3 – Try An Online Fundraiser

Whether you try GoFundMe or one of the numerous other online crowdfunding platforms, they offer a way of asking help from the community to cover your medical expenses. These platforms have exploded in popularity, and people are often willing to help out when it comes to illness or injury.

It doesn’t take a lot to set up a fundraiser on one of these platforms. Just state your situation and that you need assistance during a tough time. You can even offer to pay your contributors back if you want to.

For a fundraiser to be most effective, including a short video really helps to personalise your fundraiser and gives potential contributors a way to connect with you and sympathise with your cause.

#4 – Hold a Garage Sale

Garage sales can be a relatively quick way to make some cash. Go through all the stuff in your home and decide what you don’t really want or need and include it in the sale inventory. Saturdays are generally the best day of the week for a garage sale and the majority of your customers will come in the morning, quite often very early in the morning.

Be aware that people who frequent garage sales are usually looking for bargains, so don’t expect to get top dollar for your items. Collectively though, it could be a way of raising the amount of money you need to cover those medical expenses.

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#5 – Doing Odd Jobs

Going around your neighbourhood and doing odd jobs such as car washing, lawn mowing, gardening and rubbish removal can be an effective way of raising some cash to solve your problem. Not everyone is going to want something done, but if you knock on enough doors or do a flyer drop in your area, you’re bound to get a few takers for your services. There will always be someone who is willing to pay for a chore to be done if they don’t want to do it themselves.

#6 – Is There An Option To Pay the Costs In Installments?

Have a chat with your medical professional to see if there’s any way you can pay the cost of your medical treatment off in monthly instalments instead of one lump sum. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and you just might be able to come to some sort of arrangement where you can afford to pay in smaller chunks.

The Wrap

This article has highlighted just a few ways you can come up with the cash for your medical expenses. Think outside the box a little or research online and you’ll likely come up with many ideas.


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