6 ways to save on car insurance payments while you’re not driving

6 ways to save on car insurance payments while you’re not driving

The ongoing pandemic has forced a lot of us to stay more at home, limit our social contacts, or even start working from our apartment or house. Because of all this, cars are being used less, and since they are being used less, it seems logical to ask if the insurance payments have to stay the same. 

They don’t!

Here are six ways how to save on car insurance payments while you’re not driving.

1. Just ask for a lower rate

Yes, it’s quite simple, but this method is amazingly efficient. If you can contact your insurance company and show them that your mileage has dropped significantly, they may be able to reduce your monthly payments. One quick call and you could save a certain amount every month.

2. Do not auto-renew

If you opt for an automatic renewal of your car’s insurance, you could be wasting a lot of money. Browsing the market a few weeks before your policy is up can allow you to find better deals and save you a fair amount.

Ask insurance companies for quotes (although do keep an eye on how long they will be valid) shortly before your current insurance package expires, study them and make a decision! Just don’t let your insurance expire because driving without insurance is against the law.

3. Pay at once

You may be feeling that paying your insurance in monthly installments is easier because it’s a smaller hit on your budget, but consider this – paying in one big haul can get you a significant discount.

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In fact, in some cases, you will be paying up to 30% more if you opt to pay on a monthly basis. Therefore, if you have the means, pay everything straight away and treat yourself to something with the money saved.

4. Invest in a Pass Plus course

Signing up for a Pass Plus course can have many benefits for new drivers. They get more practice, meaning they will feel safer and more confident once they’re on the road by themselves, and some insurance companies may take that as a reason to charge you less.

It takes only 6 hours to complete the course, and some local councils may even help you pay for it.

5. Upgrade the security

Do everything you can to keep your car as secure as possible. The less risk there is for it to crash and/or be stolen, the more likely an insurer will be to give you a discount. Not to mention the fact that your mind will be at ease. On top of that, you could eventually become eligible for a no-claims bonus.

6. Register another driver

This is another useful piece of advice for new (especially young) drivers. If you add an experienced driver some insurance companies will see that as diminishing the risk of any accidents happening because you will be sharing the car and the less experienced driver will thus be less likely to make a mistake.

Get cracking, mum and dad!

We hope this article will help you while doing payment of car insurance and save you some bucks.

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